Discord is fast and quick web-browser alternative for Steam Chat and Teamspeak but like every other voice chat app, it comes with its decent share of problems. The other day I was playing Minecraft to test out various Minecraft mods with my online mates so, they invited me to their Discord channel. At first, I was amazed at how easy was it to host a community and organize various events on it but then I got a sticky problem.


I could read everyone’s text messages and send them but as soon I joined a voice-channel it got stuck at “RTC Connecting” after the authentication. My voice couldn’t reach to my friends and vice versa. I tried rebooting my PC, checking my Microphone privacy settings, allowing Microphone in Chrome Browser, nothing worked.

Brave Browser Web RTC Disabled

After some digging I found out that, the Web browser that I am using (Brave Browser) was blocking the Web-RTC (Real Time Communication) protocol which Discord uses for transmitting and receiving voice messages.  It was blocking the non-proxied UDP requests. Apparently, Discord really doesn’t want you to use VPN or hide your IP address. How sad!

How To Fix Discord Stuck at “RTC Connecting” – Guide

Here are the are steps to fix the No Voice/Audio on Discord on popular web browser(s):

On Google Chrome

  • Disable any VPN or any privacy based extension you are currently using.
  • Make sure that Web-RTC protocol is not blocked.If you are using Brave Browser, Go to Settings > Privacy and Safety > Change Web-RTC IP Handling Policy to Default
  • Make sure Anonymize local IPs exposed by WebRTC  Flag is set to default
    • Type “chrome://flags” in your Chrome Based Browser
    • Look for enable-webrtc-hide-local-ips-with-mdns and set it to Default.

On Mozilla Firefox

  • On Firefox, type about:config in address bar and press Enter. Then type media.peerconnection.enabled – make sure it is set to true.


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