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Install Ubuntu Linux in Termux Emulator Android

How to Install Ubuntu 20.04.1 on your Android Phone (No Root)

Android itself is a great operating system for smartphones. It gives you flexible controls and extensive customization options by installing 3rd party applications (APKs)...
Laptop Touchpad Not Working [Fix]

Laptop Touchpad Not Working Problem [Fix]

Laptops are known as the perfect portable replacement for desktop computers. Even smartphones can't compete with the sleek, thin and high performance notebooks that...

Setup OpenVPN Server on Ubuntu 20.04 & Win10 Client [Script]

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a great way to remotely connect to your Workstation/Server and browse internet. They add a layer of encryption to...

Could Not Connect To The Steam Network – Fix

Steam is a wonderful place to play games with your friends. Despite having many competitors such as Origin, Battle.net and Epic Store, people still...

Why Shared Web Hosting Is Bad For Business [2020]

To all the business owners out there, do not ever purchase or host your business website on a Shared Web Hosting. Why? Read below:What...