The other day, my brother encountered a small yet silly problem while using his Windows PC. There was low volume while watching YouTube on Google Chrome. On every other application such as Steam, Skype, Zoom, Discord, Twitch and TeamSpeak the volume was perfectly alright. Even in the Sound Settings, Sound Control panel, the levels were set to 100% but the sound was extremely low when using Chrome.

How to Fix Low Sound Volume on Google Chrome & YouTube on Windows 11/10

The Problem:

  • Low Sound Volume when watching YouTube on Google Chrome – on Windows 11/10
  • Volume already set to 100% on taskbar and Speakers & headphones settings



  • First of all, your PC is perfectly alright, there’s no hardware issue. No need to worry.
  • Now, right-click the 🔊Volume icon on your taskbar, then click “Volume Mixer
  • On Volume Mixer, set the all bars to 100%, especially on the Google Chrome
  • Now go back to the YouTube video you were playing, you will hear full sound.

Note: This solution applies only speakers/headphones connected to onboard sound cards (3.5mm green stereo jack), this setting might not work on USB headphones or audio devices.


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