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Turn Off Dark Mode on Google Chrome, Windows 10 – Proper Way

Dark mode is good for the eyes, especially when you are using your devices at night time but at the same time it reduces...
5 Common Mistakes When Buying Web Hosting

Buying Web Hosting? Read 5 Common Mistakes People Make

Web Hosting (or Server Rental) is the life support of the Internet. All the websites on Internet need a Host Machine that can serve...

More Nvidia RTX 3070 GPUs Are Going To Be Restocked

The year 2020 is surely full of surprises both positive and negative but we are not going to debate about it. Instead, we will...
Install Ubuntu Linux in Termux Emulator Android

How to Install Ubuntu 20.04.1 on your Android Phone (No Root)

Android itself is a great operating system for smartphones. It gives you flexible controls and extensive customization options by installing 3rd party applications (APKs)...
Laptop Touchpad Not Working [Fix]

Laptop Touchpad Not Working Problem [Fix]

Laptops are known as the perfect portable replacement for desktop computers. Even smartphones can't compete with the sleek, thin and high performance notebooks that...