Discord is fast and quick web-browser alternative for Steam Chat and Teamspeak but like every other voice chat app, it comes with its decent share of problems. The other day I was playing Minecraft to test out various Minecraft mods with my online mates so, they invited me to their Discord channel. At first, I was amazed at how easy was it to host a community and organize various events on it but then I got a sticky problem.

rtc connecting discord


I could read everyone’s text messages and send them but as soon I joined a voice-channel it got stuck at “RTC Connecting” after the authentication. My voice couldn’t reach to my friends and vice versa. I tried rebooting my PC, checking my Microphone privacy settings, allowing Microphone in Chrome Browser, nothing worked.

Brave Browser Web RTC Disabled

After some digging I found out that, the Web browser that I am using (Brave Browser) was blocking the Web-RTC (Real Time Communication) protocol which Discord uses for transmitting and receiving voice messages.  It was blocking the non-proxied UDP requests. Apparently, Discord really doesn’t want you to use VPN or hide your IP address. How sad!

How To Fix Discord Stuck at “RTC Connecting” – Guide

Here are the are steps to fix the No Voice/Audio on Discord on popular web browser(s):

On Google Chrome

  • Disable any VPN or any privacy based extension you are currently using.
  • Make sure that Web-RTC protocol is not blocked.If you are using Brave Browser, Go to Settings > Privacy and Safety > Change Web-RTC IP Handling Policy to Default
  • Make sure Anonymize local IPs exposed by WebRTC  Flag is set to default
    • Type “chrome://flags” in your Chrome Based Browser
    • Look for enable-webrtc-hide-local-ips-with-mdns and set it to Default.

webrtc hide local ips chrome flags

On Mozilla Firefox

  • On Firefox, type about:config in address bar and press Enter. Then type media.peerconnection.enabled – make sure it is set to true.

webrtc mozila firefox enabled


  1. “Disable any VPN or any privacy based extension you are currently using.”

    Of course the first solution is to give up all user privacy instead of making it the website’s responsibility to support it.


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