Kadena is a Layer-1 Proof of Work (Mineable) blockchain platform that is dedicated to solving the trilemma of existing cryptocurrencies. It boasts a scalable sharded architecture and uses its own programming language called Pact, along with nearly free transactions and enterprise level scalability with braided chains. KDA uses official Chainweaver app, which act as both wallet and IDE for developing Smart contracts on the blockchain. The Chainweaver wallet is currently available for Mac and Linux, for Windows you have to run the Virtual Machine (.ova) file on VMware or VirtualBox.

Kadena's Chainweaver App, Wallet and IDE for building dApps



  • Key components of Kadena will be explored, including its hashrate, miners used, technology and development language, future applications, and developmental team.
  • A price-performance forecast for Kadena in 2023-2024 will also be provided in this article.

Kadena Overview as of 22 February 2023

Crypto Coin Kadena
Symbol / Ticker KDA
Price $1.24
24H Price Change  – 6.38
7 Day Price Change  +12.40%
Market Cap $266,597,923
Expected Price during Bullrun $3.63 (3x)
Trading Volume $16,435,451
All Time High $28.25 
All Time Low $0.1213
Circulating Supply 220,400,056 KDA
Total Supply  1,000,000,000 KDA

Coinmarketcap's Overview for KDA

Hashrate & Miners Used

Kadena is a proof of work blockchain based on Blake2S mining algorithm, which requires miners to solve cryptographic puzzles in order to validate transactions and earn rewards. 

Kadena Hashrate
Screengrab from Kadena’s official Chainweb Block Explorer, showing the current hashrate

Most profitable miners for KDA are:

  1. Bitmain Antminer KA3
  2. iBeLink BM-K3
  3. Goldshell KD MAX
Bitamin KA3 Miner
Example of an ASIC cryptocurrency miner that consumes around 3000 watts of electricity per hour
  • The total computing power of all Kadena miners is measured by its hashrate, which as of February 2023, is approximately 337.3747 PH/s.
  • Kadena’s hashrate is comparatively low compared to other proof-of-work blockchains like Bitcoin, however with the arrival of Bitmain’s KA3 things are changing rapidly.
  • GPU Miners are not profitable nor suitable, therefore developers recommend ASIC hardware miners

Best Wallets For Kadena:

  1. Chainweaver Wallet (Official, All Platforms)
  2. Zelcore Multicurrency wallet (Android and PC)
  3. X-Wallet (Chrome Extension)
  4. Koala Wallet (Chrome)
Zelcore Wallet for Kadena
Zelcore,, a multicurrency wallet that supports Kadena as well as Flux

Technology & Developmental Language

Kadena platform stands out for its innovative approach to technology and development. With a focus on creating blockchain solutions for enterprise applications, Kadena leverages its unique set of tools and capabilities to deliver cutting-edge solutions. 

Here are some of the key highlights of Kadena’s technology:

  • Pact, a programming language designed by Kadena, is used for writing smart contracts. The language is functional and based on Scheme programming. 
  • Free transactions using gas station and decentralized exchange (DEX) on Kaddex, built on Chainweb.
  • Kadena utilizes a scalable sharded architecture that allows it to handle a massive number of transactions without sacrificing performance. 
  • The Kadena platform is interoperable with other blockchain systems on Layer-2, enabling cross-chain transactions, as we as lightning fast transactions.

Decentralized Apps

There’s great potential for dApps in Kadena ecosystem, with the arrival of KadenaJs, a JavaScript wrapper for Pact (Kadena’s core programming language), more and more developers are building apps. Meme coins as well as Marmalade NFTs are already available

Kaddex is a decentralized cryptocurrency swap exchange built on top of Kaden'a Pact (smart contract language)

With several ongoing projects, Kadena’s platform includes various features and capabilities that can help revolutionize the future of the digital world. 

Some of ongoing projects are:

  • Chainweb is a multi-chain architecture that can scale and handle multiple transactions with ease. At the time of writing, 20 chains are active.
  • Decentralized applications (dApps) that cater to multiple sectors, such as finance, healthcare, and supply chain management.
  • Kaddex Swap, a decentralized exchange for swapping between crypto assets, built on top of Flux (decentralized Web3 platform)
  • [Pending] A Stablecoin and DeFi platform that can provide the market with a stable digital currency and financing.
  • A voting platform that leverages blockchain technology to provide secure and transparent voting mechanisms.

Under construction Marmalade NFTs marketplace

Developmental Team

Kadena owes its success to skilled and experienced developers who work behind the scenes to create groundbreaking blockchain solutions. 

KDA official repository with open source code

Here are some of the key highlights of Kadena’s developmental team:

  • Kadena was co-founded by Will Martino and Stuart Popejoy, who are both accomplished blockchain developers with extensive industry experience.
  • The company has assembled a team of engineers and advisors who are experts in blockchain technology and business leadership. 
  • Kadena has received significant funding from several high-profile investors, including Fidelity, SV Angel, and Devonshire Investors.

Chainweb Whitepaper by founders

Kadena price history

Kadena witnessed a meteoric rise in its price in late 2021, and the coin’s value reached an all-time high of $28.25 in November. However, in 2022, the coin experienced a downtrend and suffered a major blow, losing more than 50% of its value in January alone. 

Kadena's Trading Chart on KDA/USDT pair

By November 2022, KDA’s value had dropped to about $1.35, with a market capitalization of approximately $267 million. Despite the setbacks, Kadena has managed to remain resilient, and as of now, the coin is trading at $1.28 with a market cap of $279 million.

Kadena price prediction

As of February 2023, several Kadena price predictions have been made, but it is crucial to note that price forecasts, particularly for a potentially volatile asset like a cryptocurrency, can often turn out to be incorrect. 

Expected Price of KDA in 2023:

  • Maximum: $4.2 USD
  • Minimum: $0.50 USD

Expected Price of KDA in 2024:

  • Maximum: $9.0 USD
  • Minimum $2.33 USD


The knowledge provided above is not financial advice. It is gathered and published after collecting openly available data. Please do thorough research before investing your precious time, energy or money. Cryptocurrency is highly volatile and comes with a risk. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that these price predictions are just estimates and are not set in stone. Several factors can influence the price of Kadena, including market conditions, adoption rates, and regulatory developments.


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