A video recently surfaced on YouTube accuses Microsoft of spying on users local personal data. The person who uploaded the video claims that Windows 10 sends encrypted details to Microsoft every time you open an image, similar activity has been reported while opening Store-like apps like Calculator and Sound Recorder.

The uploader used Wireshack, a packet inspection tool commonly used by network experts. He then started monitoring all the traffic (both sent and received) of Windows 10 tablet from his Laptop. The Windows 10 was found making data connection to Microsoft servers every time he opened JPEG file on his Windows 10 tablet.


The data sent to Microsoft sever is encrypted (probably SSL), therefore we can’t determine what data is actually being sent. However, with some efforts you can find a workaround to decrypt the SSL traffic. Prior hacking skills are required.

There are speculations that this type of behavior is common as Windows sends data to improve User Interface experience. But the uploader assured that he disabled the background data with privacy options present in the operating system.

If this spying turns out to be true, it will discourage many users from upgrading to new OS. Whatever data Microsoft is spying or one can say monitoring is completely legal as per the Terms and Conditions of Windows 10.


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