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Combine Multiple Internet Connections

How To Combine Multiple Internet Connections

Lately, I have been looking to combine multiple internet connection to make a single high speed connection, I spent countless hours finding ways to...

Windows 10 Slow Startup/Boot Fix [2020]

Generally speaking, the slow startup problem exists only in Windows 10 or other previous versions. Linux distributions (Ubuntu, Fedora etc.) on the other hand...

How to Rotate & Convert Videos in Windows 10 – VLC

Video production is all time high thanks to the craze of video blogging (Vlogging) and high-end cameras present in smartphones nowadays. During the process...

Backup WordPress MySQL Database without phpMyAdmin

Wordpress is definitely the most popular versatile content management system that can be used as a blog, a website, e-commerce store and what not....

How to Extend Lifespan of Graphics Card – Guide

Graphics Cards (also called Video Card, GPU) are the primary additional component of PC's right after the Solid State Drives (SSD). The demand of...