Within a day of Nexus 5 official arrival, Android developers have gotten their hands on the device and unlocked it to its full potential. The Nexus 5 root application has been released by renowned Android enthusiast Chainfire. The rooting process is now incredibly easy and can be done through Windows, Mac or Linux. Rooting your smartphone lets you unlock its root directory/files and unlock new features (such as Launchers, Set CPU etc.) which are not available in stock Nexus 5.

Nexus 5 Rooting SuperSU


How to Root Nexus 5

  • Download the CF-Auto-Root zip file for Nexus 5 and extract its contents to any folder.
  • Shut down your device, hold VolumeUp+VolumeDown+Power button to open the bootloader/fastboot mode.
  • Connect the Nexus 5 to your PC using the USB data cable.
  • If you are on Windows, Run root-windows.bat

For Linux

  • chmod +x root-linux.sh
  • Run root-linux.sh

For Mac OS X

  • chmod +x root-mac.sh
  • Run root-mac.sh

Now, carefully follow the instructions provided on screen. Keep an eye on both Computer and your Nexus 5.

Tips and Warnings

  • Rooting your phone will erase your personal data present in phone, so make a backup first.
  • When you root, it first unlocks the bootloader, restarts, shows a red screen and then restarts again continuing the installation of update. The overall process takes a few minutes.
  • While going through the apps, you will find SuperSU (Super User permissions app). If you don’t find it, get it from Google Play Store.


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