As we all know Adobe pulled out Flash Player from Google Play Store long ago. They were forced to remove it due to exploits and vulnerabilities that kept coming one after another. Also, the world had started adapting HTML5 to render applications on the devices. I believe Adobe Flash Player still has a fair share in the market, there are many applications, websites, games and tools that use Adobe Flash Player to run their content. Mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android are lacking Flash Player support,  you cannot find its app on Google Play which can be frustrating. But don’t worry, you can still play Flash content smoothly at least on Android for now.

Puffin Web Browser

How to install Adobe Flash Player in Android

  • Make sure your phone has more than 1 GB of RAM and a stable internet connection
  • Open Google Play Store on your phone
  • Search for Puffin Browser and install it.
  • Launch Puffin Browser from your apps and visit a website that runs Flash player content.
  • You will see a smallflashIcon icon, tap it to start the Flash content.
  • The content will start running, you zoom-in and zoom-out using pinch gestures.
  • Press the keys icon to bring up the keyboard
  • Enjoy
Android running Flash games
Running Miniclip, a flash games website on Android 4.2.1

Tips and Warnings

Puffin Browser has settings to adjust the quality of Flash player content, that way you can save your resources such as battery and internet bandwidth.


Browsing is lightning fast on Puffin Browser, I have never seen such fast web browsing on a mobile device, Google Chrome does not stand a chance against Puffin.


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