Facebook provides an option for 4 digit passcode login, if you are accessing it from a mobile web browser like Google Chrome (Android) and Safari (iOS). This type of login saves your time and effort and lets you open profile just by tapping profile picture and entering the 4 digit code that you set up earlier. Normally, facebook reminds you to enable it just once and if you tap “Now now“, it does not show again next time you try to login your profile. But don’t worry, there is an easy fix for that.

How to Set up Facebook 4 Digit Passcode Login on Mobile Web Browser

1. Open Web browser on your Smartphone be it Chrome, Safari or UC Browser etc.

2. Login to your Facebook ID for once and then Log-out


facebook web on chrome android3. Now go to Settings > Privacy > Clear Browsing Data

Clear Browser Data Chrome Android

4. Check everything, cookies, cache, passwords and tap “Clear.

5. Open facebook URL on new tab and login your account4 digit passcode facebook

6. Facebook will ask you to Set-up 4 Digit Passcode Login, do it.

recover reset 4 digit passcode

7. Now you can login facebook using your pin code.

Trusted Browsers and Apps Facebook

If you want to see devices you have allowed access to, go to security settings of your facebook profile. Open “Your Browser and Apps”. You will see all your known devices listed there. You can remove them if you want.

Tips and Warnings

  • If you do not see the option to set pass code. Try adding your phone number to facebook profile.
  • You can remove the 4 digit passcode login by tapping the gear (settings) icon on the login screen.
  • If you have forgotten your passcode, clear browsing data on phone and remove device from security settings. Then re-access facebook on mobile web browser.



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