Top AntivirusEvery individual wants to protect his PC from unwanted viruses, sneaky keyloggers and other harmful threats that put their precious data on risk or may sometime steal it. That’s where Antivirus comes in. There are many companies that provide solution against viruses and they claim to be the best in the market, which often confuses the users. Therefore, we have compiled a list of top 5 anti-virus software which we believe, deliver hassle-free  protection at zero cost.


Avast Antivirus


This software requires no great effort to install, it’s very easy and simple to use. It increases your online security without compromising your computer’s performance. It even lets you safely browse suspicious website or applications. The Avast! Free antivirus is currently the best free antivirus that provides overall security.

  • Trojan, malware, Antivirus protection
  • Daily automatic updates.
  • Safe browsing addon from web browsers.
  • Over 200 million users worldwide
  • Supports iOS, Android, Mac and Windows
  • Boot time scan
  • Anti dialer/Anti-root kit/Anti-spyware-Adware
  • It covers about 1 GB of space on your hard drive.


Panda Cloud Antivirus

Panda Cloud Antivirus provides a lightweight solution to big threats. It doesn’t slow down your PC at all, it uses cloud platform to secure your files. The free version will give you protection to online threats which is all we need. It also has a USB vaccine tool which prevents malware spread via flash drive. Panda Cloud antivirus has grabbed many awards yet it comes second in the top 5 list.

  • Lightweight and low resource usage.
  • Good for computers in local network
  • Automatic Updates
  • USB  drive protection
  • Utilizes Cloud Platform


Avira Antivirus

Avira is mostly known for its high-detection rates although it slows down your PC a bit. Avira keeps scanning your PC all the time for any threats. They also provide an option for a toolbar which also enables some security features such as adblocker, social network protection but hey, its not 2006, we don’t need any toolbars now.

  • Firewall and Email protection
  • Boot/start-up scan
  • Constant background scanning
  • Automatic Updates
  • Linux Supported

4. Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE)

Microsoft Security Essential

MSE is a antivirus solution provided by Microsoft itself. It offers great offline protection and has very high detection rates. But when it comes to online security, it becomes kinda moody to detect any viruses. The reason why MSE is present in this list is because its deeply integrated with Windows operating system and has a good understanding with running processes.

  • Supported by Microsoft
  • Antivirus and Malware Protection.
  • Supports Windows only.
  • Automatic Updates
  • Easy to use



BitDefender is an extremely easy-to-use antivirus, it offers real-time shield, online shield and intrusion protection. It has complicated settings or configuration required. All you need to is to run the setup and you’re ok.

  • Good for beginners
  • Real-time Sheilds
  • HTTP scanning
  • Sandbox feature
  • Hassle free set-up


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