Windows 10 ISO Download
This time, Microsoft has adapted a different strategy to distribute Windows 10 to the users. They are now providing Windows  ISO  download through their through a download tool instead of providing direct links to it.

We don’t know the motive behind such move but this is really an inconvenient method for delivering the Operating system, as it will discourage the rollout of new OS. Users including system administrators are having issues with the upgrade. Many of them are reporting slow .ISO download through “Media Creation tool” that is being offered by Microsoft. Anyhow, here’s a guide that will get you the legal and official Windows 10 Professional, Home and Enterprise edition downloads.

How to Download Windows 10 ISO for Bootable USB and DVD:

1. Download the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft.

For 64 bit PC’s:

For 32 bit (x86) PC’s: 

2. Once the download is complete, open the tool. If the User Access Control warning pops up, click yes.

Windows 10 Media Creation Tool
Running the Media Creation Tool provided by Microsoft for Windows 10 installation.

3. After half a minute, Windows 10 setup window will appear.  Select “Create Installation Media for another PC” radio button and click Next.

Selecting Window 10 Edition
Selecting the Windows 10 edition, language and architecture

4. Now Select your desired OS language, Edition and Windows architecture. If you are using Core2Duo, Core i3, Core i5 or i7 CPu select 64 Bit.  If you are unsure about your CPU type, select BOTH option from architecture drop box. Then click Next.

Windows 10 Media Creation Tool
Starting the download of Windows 10 ISO through Media Creation Tool

5. Now it will ask you whether to create a bootable USB flash drive, or you could save an ISO file which can later be used to create Bootable Windows 10 USB.  Select ISO file radio button because it’s a more versatile option. It will ask you for a path to save ISO file, define the path.

Windows 10 ISO downloading
Media Creation Tool working to download Windows 10 ISO to the hard drive

6. The Windows 10 ISO download will initiate. It will show you the progress in percent. Be patient.

7. When its done, you can either create installation DVD or Bootable USB flash drive. Choice is yours.

That’s all. You might experience slow download progress through media creation tool. It’s normal due to the massive load on Microsoft servers, it will get better with time.


  1. I am a good intermediate user of Windows and advanced user of Linux/Mac OSX.

    After hours of looking around for information on the available Windows 10 upgrade methods, I have become utterly miffed at the absolutely weak and lousy writing on Algore’s amazing internet.

    The above article is acceptable and helpful but why make people work so hard against clumsy, unclear writing?

    Here is an example:

    > 6. “The Windows 10 ISO download will *initiate*.”

    – Does this imply the ISO will automatically commence (force) the upgrade process after download? — [NO]
    – Does this imply the download of the ISO will commence? — [YES]

    So why not simply avoid all mushy confusion and simply write it the following simpler way?

    6. The download of the Windows 10 ISO will begin.

    ==> Despite the similarity in wording, there is a BIG difference in how easy it is to digest upon a first impression. If fails and forces one to stop and interpret what is being said.

  2. @Win(Lose)10 ….I would suggest that you are a “good intermediate user” of trolling techniques.
    If you don’t have something positive to say, then why don’t you bugger off somewhere else! You are clearly not the intermediate user you claim to be if you are reading this tutorial.
    For the record; this is a good tutorial, and well written. If you are looking for an example of “unclear writing” then look no further than your own response above!

  3. can u give me the link of an iso file for 64bit?????because i can’t make an iso file of 64bit…….by using media creation tool.


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