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Google Play “No Connection – Retry” Problem [Fix]

Google Play No Connection Retry Error

There often comes a time when you are tinkering with the latest Android apps and suddenly Google Play market pops up annoying “No Connection, Retry” error message even though your WiFi/3G/LTE connection is working smoothly and all the other internet apps are running fine. When I first experienced this problem, I had no clue what made all Google Play services including Gmail, Play Movies, Music, Magazines stop working. I tried to use different WiFi connection, VPN’s, changed DNS servers, restarted my Android phone but still no avail. Then finally, after hours of struggle I came up with solution which one would have never thought of.

How to fix Play Store “No Connection, Retry” Error

Here’s a list of common solutions to this problem, do these steps until the error message disappears.

1. Fix Date and Time Settings

It works 80 percent of the time. Google Play Services sync with their master servers to send and receive data, to do this your device time and date should be correctly set. I used to change time settings to cheat extra lives on Candy Crash Saga and later that turned out to be the main culprit behind connection error issue.

Date and Time Settings Android

  • Go to Settings > Date & Time
  • Check Automatic date & time
  • Or alternatively, you can set time by yourself, just make sure it is correct.

2. Clear Google Play Store App Cache

Android OS keeps cache of Google Play Store items in order to quickly serve content to users and to save bandwidth at same time. Sometimes it causes issues and could be one of the reasons behind connection error. It is wise to clear cache and restart the Play Store. By doing this, not only it will resolve the issue but it will also serve you recent/fresh apps for download and purchase

Clear Data Google Play Store App

  • Go to Settings > Apps
  • Swipe right to ALL
  • Scroll down and tap Google Play Store
  • Press Clear Data button and tap OK

3. Change or Re-login your Google Account

If you previously changed the security settings or password of your Google account. You need to update the account settings on your Android device. Also, you can switch to other account.

Remove Google Account in Android

  • Go to Settings > Accounts > Google
  • Tap your primary Google account
  • Open options from right top corner, click remove account.
  • Now open Play Store, it will ask you to login your Google account again.

4. Uninstall Updates

Sometimes Google Play Store updates automatically and makes changes without user permission. If the above mentioned steps don’t help you, use the “uninstall updates” option of Play Store app, it will revert to previous version and may also fix the problem.

  • Go to Google Play App settings (refer to Step #2)
  • Press Uninstall Updates

5. Remove any proxy or VPN software

Remove any existing proxy or VPN services and connect directly to the internet before accessing Play Store.

Wireless and Network Settings in Android

  • Go to Wireless & Network, modify your WiFi settings, go to advanced options and remove any proxy servers.
  • Disconnect any VPN connection or apps you have running in background.

6. Delete hosts file

For advanced users only. If you rooted your Android device, do the following.

  • Open File Manager App.
  • Browse to root/system/etc.
  • Delete hosts.txt file

7. Factory Reset your Phone/Tablet

This comes as a last resort. If anything mentioned above does not work. It’s time to do a full factory reset to your phone. It will clear everything and put your device in its original condition. Make sure you back-up your contacts and files before you perform a reset, else you will lose everything.

Factory Reset Android KitKat

  • Go to Settings > Backup & reset
  • Click Factory Data Reset

If the all the solutions don’t help, please contact your ISP if they are blocking Google IP addresses. You may also want to visit the service center of your Android phone/tablet manufacturer. If you have any tips related to this issue, post a comment.


  1. Thank you very much
    It works…

  2. I cant figure out how two to delete the files on step 6.
    someone help plz.

    also does factory reset get rid of jailbreak

  3. my phone is rooted sony xperia s. i have deleted some system apps which runs my google play store like google play books , google play movie. and i m facing problem to run google play store like no connection. pls help me

  4. Thanks.
    It worked for me.

  5. My play store keep say no connection

  6. I have an android ZTE Majesty and I have gone through everything for troubleshooting the problem I have tried everything date &time backup and reset clearing out cache I mean everything to where even having the phone completely re programmed and that didn’t even work.So If there is anyone out thete that can help me I wld really and truly appreciate the help
    Many thanks

  7. it’s work , thanks,,,,

  8. Arturo Guajardo

    I’m trying to buy a Nextbook premium 8in. Cover for my tablet. Well something went wrong in entering my inflow. That I needed to install it again & again I went to the play store and mourning. I called your office , talked with a nice rep. We tryed defrient, things with no result. He said to keep trying,. I did. Nada.. so now it’s your turn .Can you please help me scropion123 < it works then it does not.. I had $25 in it. Still there HELP.

  9. I hooked it up was watching it for about three hours and all of a sudden it went away what is wrong what can I do thank you

  10. Coolpad cuatro II

    Still i restsrted muy phone. Master reset un rooted and still nothing….

  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Worked like a charm!

  12. sir i am rooted my samsung galaxy star gt s5280 they rooted but play stor not open i am restore my phone now i am login in play store they say canot establish a reliablee connection to the server but my internet work on all browsers help me please

  13. thanks it work

  14. thank you vry much sir bcoz of step 3 my playstore started working again…. THANKS

  15. it works! thankyouu so muchh

  16. Ohhh. Thank u sooo soo much. Its really help full 4 us.

  17. Am having issues connecting with my google server on my samsung galaxy s. I can not access both my google play and gmail. Pls wat can I do?

  18. Nexus 5 not rooted. Tried everything except full reset. Didn’t work. I can go to gmail in the phone’s browser with no problem – play store too. But not use the apps. In addition the chromecast app can’t see the device on my network, nor can the YouTube app, but Netflix etc can cast with no problem from the phone and all apps work on my wife’s Huawei Ascend P6 and our ipad2. I think google need to get some software engineers who know what they’re doing. If google apps don’t work on google’s flagship phone something is badly wrong. Judging by the length of time this problem has been around, it looks like they don’t care either. Sad.

  19. it works..tqvm…

  20. My phone/android=xiaomi mi3 wcdma/MIUI
    Problem=google play works intermittent, between few different wifi-router/phone own’s data plan
    Tried everything mentioned including following:
    #1 flash ROM, tried developer, eu multi-lang edition
    #2 rooted, delete /system/etc/hosts
    #3 phone/isp setting APN
    #4 various different play.store-version-xxx.apk
    Nothing workings, stuck for days here. At the end, out of pure coincidence I found the culprit happens to be my router where some evil doers changed DNS setting.
    If you find yourself cannot browse google/facebook and/or being prompt to install fake flash player, start looking on your router’s DNS setting. And this is not dns poisoning case…

  21. Thank you so much. It was the date & time. I’d removed the battery for something earlier & it must’ve dislodged the time setting.

  22. Thank youu…Nw my google play is working pretty well

  23. i have a problem with ma play store i can’t access without a code a redeem icon pops too. i have no card on the first place to put the code.every time i try to access a no connection appears and when a tap retry nothing changes.what should i do?

  24. Hello world , i try all the ways but no one fix this problem , the #6 will help you , i delete host file and play store work again , you most be rooted for that , thanks to author for tip

  25. Ben hadj ali med

    have two pc; one toshiba with windows 7 is ok , but with my other ps , dell vostro, google is stopped running from about one month and access only via aol or mozilla , cannot fix this to access my google chrome plus

  26. Hi
    I play a little silly game farmville 2 mobile
    Changed phone day to cheat and now i have 10 days in advance..i can’t set real date cause ill mess up everything
    Pls need help
    Do you think that clearing google play data will solve the problem ? I’m afraid to not loose all game progress…I’m lvl 37
    Toy so much

  27. worked in the first place. thanks

  28. Thanks for the solutions, works for me..

  29. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. install latest ver of Playstore 4.8.20 and Google Play Services 4.4.52 apk’s. I used Airdroid. I had to free up space but it works.

  31. I have a HTC Incredible S, rooted. Nothing has worked for me, so I did a “format system” from the recovery menu and worked perfectly; At least I did a backup before ;)

  32. Someone olease give this guy a Medal :)

  33. After I rooted my Android tablet, it worked faster removing the bloatware, although would start giving me proxy server errors, won’t connect, after I loaded a number of applications, especially the Play Store. I’d have to reboot to get a connection again.

    Anyway, your suggestion to Clear the cache of the Play Store app did it for me. Now I can open any # of applications and not get the connection/proxy problems. (I’m not on a proxy.) Thank you.

  34. host file solution worked for me. thanks a lot.

  35. I was having this error on all my devices and I tried every thing even the factory reset what worket for me was


  36. Uninstalling the updates worked for me. Thank God the error message is gone finally.

  37. shaheryar Hassan

    Try resetting your wifi device. It worked for me. :) I tried every step written here but didn’t work, but resetting the wifi device or router worked.


  38. thank uuuuu sooo much man


    it worked for me …………………….

  39. I don’t works I do all the things accept of factory reset what can I do I don’t want to reset my phone please help ….:P

  40. step 6 works for me. …..very useful post..

  41. Thanks, the step 3 worked for me too… was about to go nuts.

  42. thanks its working now

  43. Garrie manguerra

    factory reset resolve my problem thank you.

  44. Deleting Host file solved my problem..
    Delete hosts file

    For advanced users only. If you rooted your Android device, do the following.
    Open File Manager App.
    Browse to root/system/etc.
    Delete hosts.txt file

  45. its working date and time .

  46. exactly……deleting hosts file helps. peoples havin same prob n if ur rooted, try deleting hosts file 1st, n if still error continues dan try de other above mentioned tricks

  47. as soon as i read the first step i looked at my phone …and BAAAmmm..i realized my phone was decde behind me ….thnx your tips always work:-)

  48. deleting host files has fixed my problem ..i m so thankful to the one who posted this

  49. That’s why Titanium Back Up app is so important.

    Just restore Google Play, Services, etc and everything is back to normal.

  50. I tried everything on this page. What finally worked was rebooting my router. I should have thought of that sooner since I had two tablets that were having the same problem with google servers. I even did a factory reset on one of the tablets…live and learn.

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