Play Store No Internet Connection Fix

There often comes a time when you are tinkering with the latest Android apps and suddenly Google Play Store pops up annoying “No Internet connection. Make sure Wi-Fi or cellular data is turned on then try again, Retry” error message even though your WiFi/3G/LTE connection is working smoothly and all the other internet apps are running fine.

When I first experienced this problem, I had no clue what made all Google Play services including Gmail, Play Movies, Music, Magazines stop working. I tried to use different WiFi connection, VPN’s, changed DNS servers, restarted my Android phone but still no avail. Then finally, after hours of struggle I came up with solution which one would have never thought of.


How to fix Play Store “No Internet Connection, Retry” Problem:

Here’s a list of common solutions to this problem, do these steps until the error message disappears. (tried and tested on Nougat, Marshmallow and older versions of Android)

1. Fix Date and Time Settings

It works 80 percent of the time. Google Play Services sync with their master servers to send and receive data, to do this your device time and date should be correctly set. I used to change time settings to cheat extra lives on Candy Crash Saga and later that turned out to be the main culprit behind connection error issue.

Date and Time Settings Android

  • Go to Settings > Date & Time
  • Check Automatic date & time
  • Or alternatively, you can set time by yourself, just make sure it is correct.

2. Clear Google Play Store App Cache

Android OS keeps cache of Google Play Store items in order to quickly serve content to users and to save bandwidth at same time. Sometimes it causes issues and could be one of the reasons behind connection error. It is wise to clear cache and restart the Play Store. By doing this, not only it will resolve the issue but it will also serve you recent/fresh apps for download and purchase

Clear Data Google Play Store App

  • Go to Settings > Apps
  • Swipe right to ALL
  • Scroll down and tap Google Play Store
  • Press Clear Data button and tap OK

3. Change DNS Settings of your Phone or Network Router

Sometimes ISP’s DNS servers cannot resolve domains of Google Play services. To fix that, you need switch to Google DNS servers from WiFi settings of your phone. It can also be done through your Internet Router. From your phone change the settings below given below.

Go to Settings > Select WiFi Network (Hold Tap) > Select Modify > Show Advanced Settings.
Then from IP settings drop box, change DHCP to Static and enter the details mentioned in picture below.

  • DNS1 should be
  • DNS2 should be

DNS Settings on Android

4. Change or Re-login your Google Account

If you previously changed the security settings or password of your Google account. You need to update the account settings on your Android device. Also, you can switch to other account.

Remove Google Account in Android

  • Go to Settings > Accounts > Google
  • Tap your primary Google account
  • Open options from right top corner, click remove account.
  • Now open Play Store, it will ask you to login your Google account again.

5. Uninstall Updates

Sometimes Google Play Store updates automatically and makes changes without user permission. If the above mentioned steps don’t help you, use the “uninstall updates” option of Play Store app, it will revert to previous version and may also fix the problem.

  • Go to Google Play App settings (refer to Step #2)
  • Press Uninstall Updates

6. Remove any proxy or VPN software

Remove any existing proxy or VPN services and connect directly to the internet before accessing Play Store.

Wireless and Network Settings in Android

  • Go to Wireless & Network, modify your WiFi settings, go to advanced options and remove any proxy servers.
  • Disconnect any VPN connection or apps you have running in background.

7. Delete hosts file

For advanced users only. If you rooted your Android device, do the following.

  • Open File Manager App.
  • Browse to root/system/etc.
  • Delete hosts.txt file

8. Factory Reset your Phone/Tablet

This comes as a last resort. If anything mentioned above does not work. It’s time to do a full factory reset to your phone. It will clear everything and put your device in its original condition. Make sure you back-up your contacts and files before you perform a reset, else you will lose everything.

Factory Reset Android KitKat

  • Go to Settings > Backup & reset
  • Click Factory Data Reset

If the all the solutions don’t help, please contact your ISP if they are blocking Google IP addresses. You may also want to visit the service center of your Android phone/tablet manufacturer. If you have any tips related to this issue, post a comment.


  1. After updating to CM10.2 I had a lot of trouble with Google account sync and apps. Found out I had to update GAPPS …. which worked fine until an update for Google Music came out and it wouldn’t update.
    In ‘Manage Apps’ Stopping Google Play and clearing the cache solved the issue.
    Thank you for the trouble shooting guide 🙂

  2. ASSALAM O ALAIKUM… i am very happy that you helped me in this artical, i learn from seven step of formating my whole date i.e reseting….i was searching many blogs and posts but today i find solution to this problem in your artical , i again would like to pay thanks for your works …….keep it up…pakistani485 at yahoo dot com

  3. BAM!!
    You fixed my Google Play Store “No Connection, Retry” Problem – Immediately!!
    Worked like a charm, very nice. Thanks for your help!

  4. Wow…… u just solved my problem so easily.l simply changed the date and time and lo its working.l have been through various solutions for the past two days.none showed this one…thanks a lot

  5. Elaborate more on removal of VPNS. I downloaded droidvpn and after rooting my fone and connecting the VPN it started giving me problems

  6. MAAAAAAN Step 6 finally helped me out of that f*king playstoreless hell haha 😀 Thank you so much <3

  7. when I tried to download any new app, there was an error message “no connection” we did factory data reset and enjoying all apps comfortably and now every app takes two to three minutes in downloading. Thanks for assistance whoever is concerned.

  8. step 6 delete host file.
    works for me, because I use lucky patcher’s ad block thaks a lot keep it up.. .

  9. Sir really very thnkx, the 1st step worked very well, u have solved a big problem of mine, Thnkx again sir

  10. I am so glad I found this very simple and informing site I have been looking online trying to solve the no connection problem to no avail and literally 1 min on this site my question is answered LOL Thank you!! My child switched the date on my phone for a game cheat who knew it would create all this drama! Thanks again!

  11. it started when i reset my fon i tried 1 to 7 steps except of 6th bcz it required to root the fon which i dont know how but i tried everything els reset my fon many time delet the cache of play store uninstall updates deletd my google account reset my date and time every thing is working on fone with my wifi accept of google play store google account Google+ oooo plz help me out guysssss plzzzzzz 🙁

  12. Yeah I also had the same problem. My baby boy changed the date time of my smart phone and I did not bother at it and tried many times. I did not connect to Facebook and google play store. After reading this article I saw the date of my smart phone and then laughed at myself.. 🙂

    Thanks btw. some times it happens.

  13. 1st thing is to check for latest version of gapps. i used gapps 4.4.2 on my 4.4 as an update, worked perfectly

  14. unfortunately .i ve tried every thing with my new tablet .it has been 1 week when i purchase it.i searched in web if i can make root but i found that it damage camera and screen .what should i do ???please save me because i m going banana.

  15. I tried everything for hours and it was #3 that solved it for me! I just logged out of the google account under the settings, added the account again and everything was fixed. Thank you!!

  16. if i delete hosts.text file then mobile having any trouble in my mobile ‘coz it is rooted.or any defect on rooted devices

  17. I have been facing this problem for couple of days now….except factory reset i have tried everything possible….and since my phone is not rooted…no question of deleting host files…m waiting for android update for my MOTO G….android 4.4.3 is to be released soon….i m betting on it let c

  18. At last I am happy that I am not the only one, but all these methods I have tried but couldn’t find any solution to these login issues.
    I guess finally I should approach to service center.

  19. FROM XDA:

    Originally Posted by Ronny927 View Post

    Here is a short fix for the No Connection Error on play store. It may not work on all devices.

    1. Download Total Commander from Play Store.
    2. Install it in your Device.
    3. Open Total Commander and goto Root of System. (/ )
    4. Open the etc folder.
    5. Find the file named “hosts”, and hold it for 3 seconds. Choose edit file, and choose Total Commander Text Editor if prompted.
    6. Add —> ” # ” <— before 2nd line like this " # "
    7. Save the file.
    8. Reboot your device
    9. Add Google Account
    10. Done!

  20. #4 worked for note 3 after I rooted my phone I lost playstore connection over wifi but not for 4g. I deleted all updates to playstore and now works great

  21. THANK YOU This problem has been blocking any of my notifications from showing also. and THE SECOND the “hosts.txt” file was gone it was all smoooooooooooooooooth sailing 🙂 thanks again

  22. I cant figure out how two to delete the files on step 6.
    someone help plz.

    also does factory reset get rid of jailbreak

  23. my phone is rooted sony xperia s. i have deleted some system apps which runs my google play store like google play books , google play movie. and i m facing problem to run google play store like no connection. pls help me

  24. I have an android ZTE Majesty and I have gone through everything for troubleshooting the problem I have tried everything date &time backup and reset clearing out cache I mean everything to where even having the phone completely re programmed and that didn’t even work.So If there is anyone out thete that can help me I wld really and truly appreciate the help
    Many thanks

  25. I’m trying to buy a Nextbook premium 8in. Cover for my tablet. Well something went wrong in entering my inflow. That I needed to install it again & again I went to the play store and mourning. I called your office , talked with a nice rep. We tryed defrient, things with no result. He said to keep trying,. I did. Nada.. so now it’s your turn .Can you please help me scropion123 < it works then it does not.. I had $25 in it. Still there HELP.

  26. sir i am rooted my samsung galaxy star gt s5280 they rooted but play stor not open i am restore my phone now i am login in play store they say canot establish a reliablee connection to the server but my internet work on all browsers help me please

  27. Am having issues connecting with my google server on my samsung galaxy s. I can not access both my google play and gmail. Pls wat can I do?

  28. Nexus 5 not rooted. Tried everything except full reset. Didn’t work. I can go to gmail in the phone’s browser with no problem – play store too. But not use the apps. In addition the chromecast app can’t see the device on my network, nor can the YouTube app, but Netflix etc can cast with no problem from the phone and all apps work on my wife’s Huawei Ascend P6 and our ipad2. I think google need to get some software engineers who know what they’re doing. If google apps don’t work on google’s flagship phone something is badly wrong. Judging by the length of time this problem has been around, it looks like they don’t care either. Sad.

  29. My phone/android=xiaomi mi3 wcdma/MIUI
    Problem=google play works intermittent, between few different wifi-router/phone own’s data plan
    Tried everything mentioned including following:
    #1 flash ROM, tried developer, eu multi-lang edition
    #2 rooted, delete /system/etc/hosts
    #3 phone/isp setting APN
    #4 various different
    Nothing workings, stuck for days here. At the end, out of pure coincidence I found the culprit happens to be my router where some evil doers changed DNS setting.
    If you find yourself cannot browse google/facebook and/or being prompt to install fake flash player, start looking on your router’s DNS setting. And this is not dns poisoning case…

  30. Thank you so much. It was the date & time. I’d removed the battery for something earlier & it must’ve dislodged the time setting.

  31. i have a problem with ma play store i can’t access without a code a redeem icon pops too. i have no card on the first place to put the code.every time i try to access a no connection appears and when a tap retry nothing changes.what should i do?

  32. Hello world , i try all the ways but no one fix this problem , the #6 will help you , i delete host file and play store work again , you most be rooted for that , thanks to author for tip

  33. have two pc; one toshiba with windows 7 is ok , but with my other ps , dell vostro, google is stopped running from about one month and access only via aol or mozilla , cannot fix this to access my google chrome plus

  34. Hi
    I play a little silly game farmville 2 mobile
    Changed phone day to cheat and now i have 10 days in advance..i can’t set real date cause ill mess up everything
    Pls need help
    Do you think that clearing google play data will solve the problem ? I’m afraid to not loose all game progress…I’m lvl 37
    Toy so much

  35. install latest ver of Playstore 4.8.20 and Google Play Services 4.4.52 apk’s. I used Airdroid. I had to free up space but it works.

  36. I have a HTC Incredible S, rooted. Nothing has worked for me, so I did a “format system” from the recovery menu and worked perfectly; At least I did a backup before 😉

  37. After I rooted my Android tablet, it worked faster removing the bloatware, although would start giving me proxy server errors, won’t connect, after I loaded a number of applications, especially the Play Store. I’d have to reboot to get a connection again.

    Anyway, your suggestion to Clear the cache of the Play Store app did it for me. Now I can open any # of applications and not get the connection/proxy problems. (I’m not on a proxy.) Thank you.

  38. I was having this error on all my devices and I tried every thing even the factory reset what worket for me was


  39. Try resetting your wifi device. It worked for me. 🙂 I tried every step written here but didn’t work, but resetting the wifi device or router worked.


  40. I don’t works I do all the things accept of factory reset what can I do I don’t want to reset my phone please help ….:P

  41. Deleting Host file solved my problem..
    Delete hosts file

    For advanced users only. If you rooted your Android device, do the following.
    Open File Manager App.
    Browse to root/system/etc.
    Delete hosts.txt file

  42. exactly……deleting hosts file helps. peoples havin same prob n if ur rooted, try deleting hosts file 1st, n if still error continues dan try de other above mentioned tricks

  43. as soon as i read the first step i looked at my phone …and BAAAmmm..i realized my phone was decde behind me ….thnx your tips always work:-)

  44. That’s why Titanium Back Up app is so important.

    Just restore Google Play, Services, etc and everything is back to normal.

  45. I tried everything on this page. What finally worked was rebooting my router. I should have thought of that sooner since I had two tablets that were having the same problem with google servers. I even did a factory reset on one of the tablets…live and learn.

  46. Hello. Thanks for all those solutions. But I already try them all but with no results. What I’ve got to do now? Please

  47. Thanks man you gave me a realive the 1st solution helped but i dint change th time before the prob i apreciate you

  48. I googled the problem before spending a lot of time trying to fix it myself, and you saved me HOURS of frustration. Simply setting the time correctly fixed my issue immediately. I would never have thought to do that. THANK YOU!

  49. I tried and checked if the above things were set on my phone. But it was alright and I had to think about another solution and this one really helped apart from all of the above :

    I went into my location settings and found that my google location service was turned off. I checked the box and opened playstore again and here to the grace of Almighty, i was successful 🙂 hope this one helps those for whom the above tips didnt work . Happy downloading!

  50. Love You Bro. You are great .
    I Had this problem with my samsung S2 since I bought it and i tries every thing but after using your method I was able to get my google account linked with all apps and my playstore started working.
    Thanks a LOT

    Love You

  51. The factory reset worked for me. I tried everything else mentioned and this did it! Thank you! I was lost without my games 🙂

  52. Thanks a lot … couldn’t figure it out ,happened to me on a MIUI rom .tried everything to fix .Changed Roms and it happened again ,Tried everything on this list .Then i tried clearing hosts.txt which worked perfectly 🙂 Thanks Again!!

  53. I have rooted my Micromax A075. So after rooting my Play store isn’t working. I tried all the above mentioned stuff but it’s not working. Any more solutions plz

  54. Root your phone, install file explorer, go to system/etc/hosts open with text editor and simply add ‘#’ before second line.

  55. Great! Removing and reinstalling my Google account works. However, this fix only works temporarily. I have to do this almost every time I want to download something from the Play Store. Very annoying. Anyone knows a more sustainable solution?


  56. So guyz today ill tell u how to solve connection problem with playstore
    step1:first download root explorer into your phone
    Step2:open it
    Step 3:go to ATC option
    Step4:search for host file
    Step5:after that delete file host

    Hope so u will try this
    This is working sseriouslyNO BACKUP NEEDED

  57. Hi,
    Thankyou very very much… I just got this andriod tv device MINIX x7 and was facing the same issue and I didn’t realize that I was using the device somewhere in the past. Changed the date and wala.
    Thankyou sir,

  58. Clearing my cache and uninstalling updates is what ruined my Google Store in the first place, I think I also might have cleared Google Play Sevices (Whoops!) Thanks for the help but it didn’t work

  59. I tried it all After reseting my device i am not able to re sign in on my previous google account…Please help It says “cant recieve a reliable network” after it redirects to the wifi menu. I also tried wifi but it repeats the same….. Please Please Help..

  60. Unfortunately none of the solutions work. I cannot use Google Play Store anymore, it never connects. Also I have problem with sending emails and posting pictures in Facebook and Instagram (none of this was working, I could see my feed, but never could post or send anything). What could it be? Will I have to root my cell phone?

  61. In my router I set as firts DNS and second Then it wordks again. Strange that it always worked before and sudently it stops.. now with these dns nrumbers (google) it works again.

  62. If you connected over WiFi check your WiFi proxy settings, ensure it is set as none unless you have intentionaly set a proxy
    Go to WiFi settings long press your WiFi connection
    then press modify connection
    show advanced options
    proxy = none

  63. Wow!!
    It worked when I jst changed the time and date The WiFi connection turned in to blue color
    Thank u so much….!

  64. thanks , such an easy solution….saved me so much grief from my kids ….wont be hearing “papa, not working!” anymore ….nice one

  65. Thanks a ton! The deleting hosts.txt file worked wonders. It saved the effort of reinstalling all apps which would have become necessary with a hard reset.
    The app which came in handy for deleting the hosts.txt file is ES Explorer.

  66. Greetings,

    I downloaded total commander. I got to the host file, unfortunately not able to edit, delete, or even rename it. In the rwx it shows that I have read/write access. The issue I am having is not only with my android 4.4.2 version, two other platforms are having connectivity issues to this game at same time. One is an iPad 4th gen up to date on iOS, and a win7 computer ALL devices/platforms accessing the game “Jungle Heat” it’s a game. I do have a little technical background, and I assure you I have no connectivity issues. However I soft booted the gateway and hard booted the gateway/router, epic fail.

    I have tried reaching out to the company, however the people who respond don’t seem to read all the detailed information you give them. I refuse to believe that there even qualified to be level one techs. I think they went up to a group of people and said, “you’re breathing, want a job?”

    So at this point the error message that I get on all these platforms is connection error check your internet connection. There is no issue with anything connecting to the Internet, only with Jungle Heat! I tested my speed 4.8mBps, I connected to my mifi and got on jungle heat, it was slower as its rate is about 1/4th the speed! My mifi is for emergency needs, limited small package… I pay for the 16gb connection with AT&T Uverse.

    My thought that perhaps there is a setting I need to do within my gateway/router to tell it to let the packets or whatever come through… But damned if I know wtf to do. I appreciate the effort you have gone through in helping so many with their issue. I’m hopin, crossing fingers, getting a witches pentagram on the floor….whatevr it takes to try and figure this out and hoping you might have the answer.

    So first, I can’t edit the dang host file to any extent, tried adding the x in the rwx part, but it didn’t save. It won’t accept the command to change or rename …. How do I fix this?

    Then the Hail Mary… Can you give me your thoughts on why all platforms randomly have this issue at various times, not always daily, other than lately! I think it’s a setting in the gateway that can fix this…but what?

    Thanks for your time!

  67. i install root explorer tick root explorer check box

    and open etc folder

    again open host folder in text editor

    finally add # symbol before last ipaddress in that file
    save and come to main screen
    switch off then switch on
    all clear

  68. So guyz today ill tell u how to solve connection problem with playstore
    step1:first download root explorer into your phone
    Step2:open it
    Step 3:go to ATC option
    Step4:search for host file
    Step5:after that delete file host

    Hope so u will try this
    This is working sseriouslyNO BACKUP NEEDED
    try this guys !! 🙂 🙂

  69. Greetings!

    Thanks bro, you fixed my Google Play Store :
    “No Connection, Retry” Problem –

    Immediately!! Worked like a charm, very nice.
    Thanks for advice to correct the time setting …
    yes bro 🙂 but i do not follow all of your tips..

    but i just do 2 simple ways ..

    1st. i just correct time time setting, from 12 hours type to 24 hours setup.

    2nd. i turn on back all google program on my android .. email, google play service, google acc on my opera mini, google map (disable to anable), google location (on’it), and all google programs that i disable before .. you can try search’it on android setting menu and android app menu … yes just turn on it all …

    3rd. restart back my phone … then i try click google play store … 1st .. just i read back the same msg .. but the phone try to reading again the new setting that i already make before ..
    then i read the same msg .. then i try to click the Play store menu (Account, Store etc) …

    then … yes it is working back .. from the white screen, then the gooogle play store os come back again and asking for update the google play program etc !!

    Thanks bro for your help! 🙂 \m/(><)\m/

  70. Not being very clever with the new technology I am very grateful to you You fixed my phone with just two steps, thank you

  71. “NO CONNECTION” Problem i faced in my mobile but finally i solved just remove your account and re-add.

  72. Okay really simple to fix spent 20 minutes trying to delete host file wouldn’t so just renamed it back to a .txt file and boom connected to google again

  73. Thanks for all the help. This helped out a whole lot and was actually able to fix the problem. Great read and very helpful

  74. Marvelous at last i solved my problem even i tried 3 types of rom and just a little option it solved my problem hahahaha

  75. All the above steps didn’t work in my case.. I didn’t try the last one since I ws too scared to change factory settings n all.. Then I downloaded an apk for google play services from a site (latest version) After tht my play store n other apps started working properly.

  76. thNks a lot…… It was really causing me a lot of problems I could not access Google Plus Google Play Gmail and even there was a synchronisation error. 6th step really helped me. It really worked. Thank you so much It helped me very much…

  77. Thank you for your help. Just followed these steps settinggs_date&time and turned on automatic time zone and automatic time on then turned them off and received message from play store

  78. Damned automatic time and date… Never would have thought that was the way to fix it.. Thanks 🙂

  79. I needed to use factory reset
    Now I have wasted 10£ Google play
    Now I have no apps
    Anyway I posted this before I did factory reset

    The factory reset works

  80. @Justin can you add this also.

    I tried all of above and i had a totally weird problem. I checked logcat and found out that the error is related to build.prop

    “CheckinTask: Checkin failed: (request #0): Rejected response from server: HTTP/1.1 400 invalid hardware identifier: “Lenovo A5000″ is not a valid device”

    I edited build.prop line as follows and it works fine.

    info link:

  81. Thanks buddy. I had tried almost everything. The trick about deleting hosts.txt did the trick for me. Much love buddy ?

  82. Thanks,
    My problem was server error code DF-DFERH-01, having worked through the list the one that worked for me was deleting my main google account, opening Play Store and re-signing into my existing account. I then had a deluge of updates which I had obviously not been receiving for some time. Once again, many thanks.

  83. I bet you can’t fix my problem is that, I rooted my phone. Then I used lucky patcher and patched on Play Store. Then my Play Store stopped working. By showing THERE WAS A PROBLEM COMMUNICATING WITH GOOGLE SERVERS. Then I deleted Play Store. And then I lost Play Store. So I done FACTORY RESET to get it back. But after the process I completely lost it. Still doing so much research I could not solve my problem. MOTO G2 is my device.

  84. Hi, I’m from Indonesia.
    Number 3 worked for me.
    Thank you very much!

    Device: Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro 2/16
    Network: Wifi (ISP Telkom Speedy)

  85. Very good and genuine article.i was able to solve DNS error in my dad’s phone with help of ur article..Thks a lot…

  86. None of the solutions worked. Some apps download OK others don’t and show the “no internet…” warning. But I’ve noticed that the ones that don’t work are only those I had on my previous stolen phone. Those I never owned are the ones OK to download!

  87. Thank you so much point 5 worked for me ..uninstall updates !
    It asked something like factory something n I clicked it and it got back to older version of playstore. N it worked

  88. After applying all the suggested fixes the author supplied I was about to do the factory reset he suggested as a final option. I suddenly had an incling that the problem may also revolve around Play Store itself. I decided to reload Play Store and was able to download Whatsapp from there.

  89. Thanks a million. Was wondering why this happened to me after I changed my home router to a mesh WiFi system (orbi by netgear). Chanced upon your article and changed my DNS setting to static from DHCP as recommended and my play store is back up again. Great fix!

  90. step 5 worked for my 2012 phone, seems play store is not fully retro-compatible with old devices, pity. couldnt imagine what would happen to the car industry if they did the same with gasoline xD

  91. I’d been struggled for hours after checked the “Automatic date and time” in the Date and time setting, it worked! Thank you very much!!!

  92. I have blackphone bp1 i flashed gapps but when play store update it gives error no internet connection. I tried each and everystep mentioned but it doesn’t work.plz give me solution for this.Thanks

  93. Thanks for your solution and now I can open play store again and but once again why my e-mail can’t log in on every mail client such as gmail and before experiencing this issue, I can open e-mail and I don’t know how to check my mail again from my phone. Would you fix my problem? Thanks

  94. This isn’t specifically related to the post, but I’m having issues with certain apps not accessible over Wifi on my Android Device. All other devices in our house have no problem accessing. But it’s Microsoft Apps, part of Twitter (can see tweets, can’t send Tweets or Direct Messages), Pinterest, my banking apps and a couple other random apps. Other apps, including a couple other Social Media apps, Facebook and Instagram I can connect to fine. But I’ve tried a lot of different things, resetting my modem/router, ISP says everything looks good from their end. I’ve also reset my phone. This is my 2nd Android device this has happened with. I know it’s something with the ISP because with my other Android devices and previous ISP, I never had these troubles.

  95. Thanks my problem is solved by changing time format.In my date and time settings 24 hour format is off ,but the phone is working on 24 hour that was my problem and i cleared it.thank u very much.

  96. Doesn’t help me anything. After using miracast one time my xperia z5 compact’s play market now doesn’t see wifi connection, I have formatted phone with flash tool, changed account, but nothing helps me.


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