Playing IPTV UDP Streams on Android [Problem]

A while ago I was tinkering with my Galaxy Tab (Android Tablet) trying to transform it into a live television using the apps and IPTV box’s UDP multicast streams provided by my ISP. I did my preparation, configured my IPTV Set top box and my ADSL router to broadcast UDP streams on WiFi. Then I downloaded the IPTV m3u8 extension playlist which contains IP addresses/port of UDP streams so I can play it on my devices. The streams worked flawlessly on PC via VLC Media Player, everything was fine, I was able to change channels via playlist.

But when I tried to do same thing on Android, it didn’t go as planned. I was unable to find a good application that can load IPTV m3u/m3u8 playlist and play UDP streams simultaneously like VLC media player did on PC. I searched intensively on Google play market thinking I’d find a good application but no use. I downloaded VLC Media player for Android and tried to run UDP multicast stream by entering its IP (udp:// and surprisingly it worked but only for once then it never did.


Then I came across this IPTV application. It was able to load IPTV playlist without any problem and provided options to play streams with any media player but same problem occured, the streams don’t run at all, “an error has occured or can’t play video file”. I tried using tons of media players for e.g. VLC, VPlayer, MXPlayer, RealPlayer for Android but no resolution. When I opened the settings of IPTV app, it asked for UDP proxy setup on a computer on Lan or WiFi to perform streaming operations and then I lost hope. So, that’s how I spend 4 hours trying to run IPTV on an Android tablet.

PS: If anyone knows any solution to this problem, I’d be really glad.


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