I’m curious that why Rockstar Games won’t release GTA 5 for PC soon. According to reports, they have already earned $1 billion from sales of GTA 5 Xbox 360 and PS3 version. But why did they leave PC community behind? Were they paid huge amount by Sony/Microsoft to stick their release to consoles so they can stay on the market for long? Or maybe they were worried about piracy on PC platform. That’s not the case because GTA 5 console version was already leaked on internet weeks before release. As soon the game got leaked on consoles, gameplay videos and livestreams started appearing on internet leaking the entire gameplay.

Sandbox games like GTA, Saints Row or Minecraft give player an open world to explore which is perfect to kill boredom or to have LAN party with friends. Since, GTA 5 release is not near PC gamers might have to wait a little. If we look at the history, GTA San Andreas, Vice City, GTA IV were released on PC approximately 2-3 months after console release. There’s a rumor floating around that GTA 5 PC release date is 22nd November which sounds promising. Let’s see what we get.



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