Technology giants such as Samsung, Dell and HP etc. are known for manufacturing/producing high performance products such as Televisions, Laptops, Monitors, Smartphones and other common gadgets that we use in our daily life.

They strive to increase their market shares and dominance by providing both affordable and high priced products depending  on the country’s market. They hunt down their competitors by introducing high-performance products within the same price tag.  At the same time, they capture the peoples attention through those luxurious products.


Now when the user finds out that ABC product is out in the market and it features XYZ technical specifications and ‘revolutionary’ new features, obviously he gets anxious and motivated to purchase that product. Since, there’s no alternative of the product available in the market at that moment he purchases it immediately without giving a second thought.

The real problem starts when companies upgrade models/flagships of the same device with same price tag and discontinue the older one. The user gets pissed because he recently purchased the ABC product and DEF is out on market with improvement features. However, the user keeps ownership of ABC device until he has more spending power.

When the companies discontinue a product the entirely stop its production and after-sale support. This includes, tech support, device software upgrades (firmware), Warranties and so on. If the ABC device develops some problem or stops functioning then user has to either live with it or throw away (abandon) that product as the company is no longer providing support for it.

In the process, the company loses its reputation in the eyes of consumer and he promises not to buy a single thing from them.  Then the consumer starts looking for alternative of the product from its competitors and the cycle keeps running.

The question remains, why do tech companies fail to provide after-sale support of their products?


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