I have been using Web Hosting services since 2009. I have tried all types of hosting from Shared, Virtual Private Server (VPS) to Dedicated Servers. Every hosting type has advantages and disadvantages and use cases. Shared hosting is best for low traffic static sites while VPS server is best for medium traffic which comes with impressive scalability and upgrades on the go.

In this article, I will list the best and cheapest VPS Hosting providers in 2020 that I have come across after extensive research and at times being ripped off by providers. The list is totally unbiased, I have not received any freebies/compensation from any of the mentioned providers nor there is any affiliate link. So lets begin!


Top 5 Best and Cheapest VPS Web Hosting in 2020

5. Virmach

They have amazing occasional discounts on annual events including many happy customers as well. If you intend of buying a mini VPS for lightweight usage, uptime monitoring or file hosting. Virmach’s SSD512 plan would easily fulfill your needs. 

Virmach VPS Plans

Virmach’s cheapest SSD512 [$2.50 per month]

CPU: 1 vCore KVM
RAM: 512 MB 
Disk Space 15 GB SSD
Network: 1Gbps
Bandiwdth: 1TB
IPV4 only supported
Locations: USA, Netherlands, Germany
Windows Server not supported

4. Netcup

In terms of pricing, this Germany based provider is the king. Netcup vServer VPS lineup has amazing specifications at low pricing that you would not find anywhere else. The reason they are at number 4 is that they have strict Contract/agreement policies and limited payment methods. 

Netcup vServer Plans

Netcup Cheapest vServer VPS 200 G8 [2.69€ per month]

CPU: 1 Core KVM
RAM: 2 GB 
Disk Space 20 GB SSD
Network: 1Gbps
Bandiwdth: 40 TB
IPV4 and IPV6 available
Locations: Germany
You can buy Plesk panel for additional price.

3. Hetzner Cloud

Hetzner Online is another German provider that has remarkable pricing, they have an easy to use Cloud Console where you can easily deploy and upgrade Virtual Servers. All their cloud servers come with NVMe SSD storage which can be further upgraded using Block Storage addons.

Hetzner Cloud Plans

Hetzner Cloud Cheapest CX11 VPS [2.69€ per month]

CPU: 1 vCore KVM
RAM: 2 GB 
Disk Space 20 GB NVMe SSD
Network: 1Gbps
Bandiwdth: 20 TB
IPV4 and IPV6 available
Locations: Germany, Finland
Snapshots and Backups available, Windows Server not supported

2. Vultr 

Cloud based provider with wide range of locations to choose from. Vultr Cloud services have amazing uptime, network and unbeatable CPU benchmarks. Their control panel is well built with pre-built images of cPanel, OpenVPN and other web apps. It’s a great provider although pricing is a bit on the higher side due to many locations support.

vultr plans 1

Vultr Cheapest High Frequency Cloud VPS [$6 per month]

CPU: 1 Core Dedicated
RAM: 1 GB 
Disk Space 32 GB NVMe 
Network: 1Gbps
Bandiwdth: 1 TB
IPV4 and IPV6 
Locations: Japan, USA, UK, Germany, Singapore, France, Australia, Canada
*Comes with Free Plesk panel for 1 Domain

1. BuyVM [Winner]

The undisputed king of Cheap VPS in the web hosting discussion forums. BuyVM ‘Slices’ have dedicated CPU cores with unmetered bandwidth. The performance is consistent with top notch hardware and uptime. Block storage is also offered with additional price. Frantech’s BuyVM VPS’es are often out of stock as the parent company Frantech prefers quality over quantity. 

buyvm plans 1

BuyVM’s Cheapest SLICE512 VPS [$2 per month]

CPU: 1 Core @ 3.50 Ghz
RAM: 512 MB 
Disk Space 10 GB SSD 
Network: 1Gbps
Bandiwdth: Unmetered
IPV4 only supported 
Locations: USA and Luxembourg
*Free DirectAdmin License with every VPS, Windows Server ISOs available



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