Sound Recorder is a basic utility that was shipped with every former Windows version. Even Windows 98 had built in Sound Recorder that could be accessed through Start Menu.

The other day I was trying to record a voice-over for a small video and surprisingly I couldn’t find any built-in audio recording tool in Windows 10. Don’t worry that can be easily fixed in under 5 minutes.


How to Record Sound / Audio / Voice in Windows 10

Open Start Menu, type “Microsoft Store” and press Enter.

Microsoft Store Start Menu 1

Now click on the Search button on top-right and type “Voice Recorder” and hit Enter.

Windows Voice Recorder Microsoft Store 1

You will see a horizontal list of available sound related applications.

Click on the “Windows Voice Recorder” and click Install. It ask you to enter Microsoft Account, just close the Login prompt box, as it not necessary.

Install Windows Voice Recorder 1

Then it will take few moments to download and install the Windows Voice Recorder

Now Connect your Microphone to your PC and Launch the Windows Voice Recorder from Microsoft Store.

Launch Windows Voice Recorder 1

On first Launch, it will ask permission to access Microphone, allow it to proceed.

Windows Voice Recorder Recording 1

Now click the Blue Record Button or Press CTRL+R to start recording, enjoy.

The sound recordings are stored at the following location:


How to Fix “You need to Set up a Microphone in Settings” in Windows Voice Recorder

  • The WVR usually shows this error when Microphone access is disabled from the Privacy Settings.
  • To fix this, Open Settings App > Privacy > Microphone
  • From “Allow apps to access your Microphone“, toggle to switchONand make sure Voice Recorder app is also turnedONfrom the application list below.

How to Uninstall Windows Voice Recorder

  • Open Settings > Apps > Apps and Features
  • From the search type, “Voice Recorder”
  • Select the program and click Uninstall.


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