For those who don’t know, Windows 11/10 editions by default come with a Clipboard history feature which allows you to save history of multiple instances of Copy (CTRL+C) and paste (CTRL+V) command at any time.

This little known feature has been around for long time and it’s really useful if you are editing large documents, pasting login credentials (username & passwords). Moreover, you can Sync your clipboard data between multiple devices if you have a Microsoft account.


How to Enable Clipboard History in Windows 10

The Clipboard history in Microsoft Windows 11/10 saves last 25 items, if you exceed this limit, the oldest item gets removed.

Video Tutorial


Enable Clipboard History and Save Items In It

  • Press Windows Key + V shortcut to open clipboard window. Click blue “Turn on” button to enable Clipboard history.
  • Copy your desired text using CTRL+C, or just select the text; Right-click and Copy. You can also use CTRL+X (Cut command), both copy and cut will populate item(s) in clipboard history for later use. You can press CTRL+C for up to 25 item(s), each instance will be saved in Clipboard. It works on photos and images as well.

clipboard history turn on windows

Retrieving Clipboard Items and Managing Them

  • The clipboard items can be viewed by pressing Windows Key + V shortcut.
  • Go to any text-box or input field, then Press WinKey+V combination, a small window will appear containing the history of texts/images you have copied recently.
  • To paste, select any items from the clipboard list using left-click. It will be pasted instantly on the text box.

Windows Clipboard history

Clearing Clipboard History, Pinning Items and Sync

  • Clipboard history gets removed each time you restart your PC, except for pinned items.
  • You can manually clear all items by using the … menu and clicking “Clear all“. You can also pin your favorite text on same dropdown menu.
  • Your clipboard history gets Sync (replicated) on other devices if you have logged in to other PC using your Microsoft Account.

Deleting and pinning items in Windows clipboard

Note: Clipboard Settings can also be accessed from Windows Settings > System > Clipboard (toggle ON or OFF)

clipboard system settings windows 10


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