Malwarebytes is a decent anti-malware or you could say antivirus for Windows operating systems. It can block malicious URLs, IP address, block most ransomwares and RAT/backdoors. Although no antivirus program guarantees 100% protection, but if you are working in office environment and want to keep your PC workstation safe from getting infected from email attachments and suspicious .exe files, Malwarebytes real-time protection might be your answer.

I have seen many users who cannot upgrade Malwarebytes Free and Malwarebytes Premium program on Windows 10/11 OS. Clicking ‘Check for Updates’ from taskbar icon won’t update it. Even if you try ‘Check Update’ or ‘Update Available’ button in-app on older versions, nothing happens, it gets stuck in loop and closes itself.



The broken update/upgrade feature could be due to many reason, such as: corrupted installation, malware blocking connection to servers, Windows defender interference, or an EoL (End of Life) Malwarebytes installation.

How to Fix Malwarebytes Won’t Update [Working Fix]

In this quick tutorial, I will guide you how to fix Malwarebytes Updates and get the latest version while preserving your Premium/Lifetime License Key.

1. Download the MB Support Tool

You need to download the official Malwarebytes Support Tool, it’s a program that allows you to troubleshoot, repairs and fixes almost all of the issues with your Malwarebytes on Windows.

Download Malwarebytes Support Tool

Note: This tool requires Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework, if the dependency is missing, it will prompt you for installation, just click OK.

mb tool

2. Repair the Malwarebytes Protection Installation

1. Once you downloaded the mb-support-v1.8.exe file, double-click to run it. The Windows User Access Control (UAC) will ask for permission, click Yes. Then the tool will download necessary files and fetch version updates and it the license agreement will appear. Click Accept.

If you see a file named FRSTEnglish.exe, don’t be alarmed it’s used by repair process, you can delete it later.

MB support tool license

2. Click “I don’t have an open support ticket

Malwarebytes Support Tool

3. Select Malwarebytes Protection check box, and click Repair.

malwarebytes protection repair

4. It will ask your problem category. Select “There was an error during upgrade/install“. After that it will ask for your feedback, ignore it and go next.

malwarebytes error upgrade update install

5. It will start the repair process of Malwarebytes in background. It will automatically preserve your Premium License Key, if any. Basically, it does a fresh installation of Malwarebytes protection and fixes any possible problems using built-in scripts. The repair process also depends on your Internet connection speed, it usually takes around 5-10 minutes. Grab a cup of coffee in the meanwhile.

malwarebytes repair process windows 11 10

During the repair process, they may again ask for feedback using Microsoft Edge web browser window, you can close that as well.

6. The Malwarebytes Installation is successfully upgraded/updated. You can check your license details and versions details by double-clicking the taskbar tray icon.

malwarebytes support tool repair process complete

malwarebytes premium screenshot


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