Video Editing or movie making software are the need of every Computer user nowadays. From individual to family, student to business owners, everyone needs to have a Good video editing program that can cut, merge video clips together and edit them if needed. It must have ability to add titles, subtitles and effects to make it look more watchable to the person. Surely, “a picture is worth a thousand words” but video is 29.97 frames per second. It means, it can deliver more prominent message and let you share your memories to the people in a proper manner. I have compiled a list of best movie making software one can get on Windows 10.

List of best Video Editing Software for Windows 10:

The following list highlights the most feature rich video editing applications for Microsoft Windows. It contains both free and paid options in case you are tight with budget.


1. Windows Movie Maker – Best Easy-to-use Video Editor [Free]

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Live Movie Maker is hands down most easy to use video editing program I have worked on. It does not require any prior editing experience. Within 20 minutes of usage, you can add titles to your video, add effects, synchronize audio and what not. If you haven’t used any video editing software in the past, you can start from here. WLMM does not come by default in Windows 10, you have to download it from Microsoft website. [link]

2. Adobe Premiere Elements  – Best Paid User friendly Video Editor [$69]

Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe has launched a separate program for home users, called Adobe Premiere Elements. It has a simple interface, you can upload your videos to Social media. It has all the features like video cutting, combining clips, adding text and eye candy effects. This program is great if you are intending to make Wedding, Birthday or family vacation videos.  Also, it can run on your old 32-bit (x86) PC or Mac without breaking a sweat. [link]

3. Adobe Premiere Pro CC – Best Paid Professional Video Editing Software [$19 per month]

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe Premiere Pro is the pinnacle of video editing and has been in industry for more than 2 decades. Premiere Pro is based on monthly subscription model. You can add other Adobe CC products (Photoshop, After Effects) in subscription if you wish. It has deep integration with its family products. You can import after-effect project files in Premiere. If you are a professional user and know what you are doing, Adobe Premiere Pro is the way to go.  It has 3rd party plugins, you can animate effects on each key-frame using a process called tweening. You can set colors, shadows and highlights from the presets and dozens of in-built options. Requires 64-bit machine, works well on Intel CPU running Nvidia GPU. It is a great alternative for iMovie. [link]

4. Sony Vegas Pro 13  – Best Paid Professional Video Editor [One-time purchase $599]

Sony Vegas Pro 13

Sony Vegas Pro is often overlooked by people when it comes to the video editing.  But it is a capable giant that can handle editing very easily. Unlike Adobe Premiere, it has built-in visual effects which is a plus point. It works well even on lower end machines especially those running on AMD CPU and GPU’s.  Sony Vegas has a one-time purchase option that comes bundled with its family products. for e.g. Dolby Digital Sound, FXHOME, NewBlueFX, and iZotope®. It has much more to offer but after all it’s a matter of preference. [link]

5. WeVideo – Best Online Video Editing Tool (Personal: Free – Business: Paid)

WeVideo Online Video Editor

WeVideo has taken video editing to next level. Eliminating the need of installing, configuring video editing programs on your Computer. It utilizes cloud storage and makes your video accessible on all devices. WeVideo uses Adobe Flash plugin to provide video editing capabilities. It has a wide range of available effects, backgrounds and transitions. It is great for making videos of couple of minutes.  Make sure you have a fast internet connection. [link]


  1. Windows Movie Maker is no longer supported or available with Windows 10. I’ve been looking for an inexpensive option and found any free software available for Windows 10 leaves huge watermarks so you really can’t use the video.


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