There has been a recent surge in VR video content lately, thanks to ever increasing hype of Metaverse and AI. Personally, I am not much a fan of wearing a VR headset or as I have eye floaters and vision problems due to sinusitis, therefore I try to consume any VR content on the PC using a common and very powerful media player called VLC.

VLC PC VR Playback FIX


After Fix


VLC desktop and mobile version can virtually play any media content, but it lacks behind when it comes to VR, spherical 360° Videos (stereoscopic 3D, 180, SBS, LR etc.) files. Thankfully there’s an easy fix for that which will take just 2 minutes.

The problem with most VR files:

The VR video files we usually download or play do not contain spatial metadata which basically is information which tells the VLC to make video scrollable or navigable with mouse by holding click and dragging cursor.

The Solution, Injecting VR Spatial Metadeta Manually:

How to Fix and Play Any VR video and play it in VLC with Pan and Zoom Support


  1. I’ve been searching everywhere for something like. Thank you very much that tool sorts out the issues I’ve had.

  2. Thank you so much, I finally found the solution.

    Only thing unanswered: In the tool, what does the second option do (video is stereoscopic)? I could not see any difference in the ouput files.


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