Google Android CashGoogle’s android is prone to much vulnerability in recent years being an open source operating system. Google is now very much practical to find security holes for android and to extend their access to more open-source software. To maintain the security of android, Google has launched the uncommon idea of providing financial incentives to the maintainers. This would be a source of motivation to the maintainers and developers and in turn very pleasant endeavours would come up to the mark by employees.

Have Some Incentives By Google To Fix Vulnerabilities 



Reward Project in Google Android

Google will pay gesture to open source community to facilitate with security. They formed a payout system. The objective of this project is very undemanding, that is Google will provide giant money-wise compensation to coders, hackers or developers who will recognize or spot, exploit and secure the rising security issues in android across third party open source projects. It will be a fine budge to reduce Google malware and make internet healthy, wealthy and wise.

According to Google

* “The goal is very simple: to recognize and reward proactive security improvements to third-party open-source projects that are vital to the health of the entire Internet.”

Google publicized this program on October 9, 2013. This will offer the incentives within the range of $500 to $3,133.7 depending on the security seriousness. Relating to the Google security team member Michal zalewski’s statement, it can be taken into account they they first considered to just commence a bug detecting program but this would lead to the invitation of fake coders or volunteers. Further they come to the point that, fixing a problem entails more effort than finding it.

Subsequently He stated:

“So we decided to try something new: provide financial incentives for down-to-earth, proactive improvements that go beyond merely fixing a known security bug.”

Other than that, Google is also spreading its wings over various projects such as Apache and OpenVPN. This will pay to those who will fix bugs for non Google products and mail servers.
In addition, httpd, Sendmail, Postfix, Exim, Dovecot, GCC, binutils, and LLVM are the great approach towards security move in Google’s android.

Earn By Google Methodology

As android open source project is included in Google so head towards to patch or submit a code, that actually improve the security problem, to the maintainers of open source project, then a notice and information about what in fact this code does is given to Google. Google will judge and consider its upbeat effects plus monitoring quality of submissions and finally the developer is provided bounties according to its efforts.

Use android now with full security as Google has approached very useful technique and step, and if one needs to earn fix bugs, get money made bounties to eat.



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