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What not have you heard about the new Google Glasses. It has the world in a tiny piece of cubical glass. It was simply surprising to think what the little piece of glass, which was thought could be used for the refraction of light in high school experiment, could do. Say and it would take pictures, record what you see without making u hold the camera itself, u can share what you see in real time, get navigation, unique and stylish modulation and all that your mind can think about, everyone wants to gets their “eyes” on it. With all the amazing possessions it can be comprised of, there might be, in fact there are few drawbacks and hazard which the Google glass wearer are facing.

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Research has it that the Google glass can directly disrupt cognitive capabilities. I mean the only thing which the Google glasses cannot do is think for you. But close to thinking, it is affecting human mind by totally relying on the amazing glass block.


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Imagine u have a glass slab attached to only one of your eye, wouldn’t it infuriate you? Apart from the fact that its annoying, the human eye does also gets effected by it due to the strain that it causes which, in turn can be a reason for eye cancer or worse and because of the distraction in your vision, it does cause accidents which may otherwise not have ensue.

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Many restaurants and cinema have now placed a banner of banning customer for wearing this unique eye wear and entering. As there are high chances of filming through the eye wear on just one command, and we all know how pirate copy of movies are banned all over the world.

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Everyone have to agree that we are habitual of keeping a “screen lock” or a security code for unlocking our electronic devices. Breaking the news for Google Eye wear want-ers, there is no lock on the simple yet complicating device. This means anyone who gets their eye on your eye to view your personal items stored in your device. There are more chances of all you mischief makers out there of getting busted! And what if your pictures and other information get shared with people who you do not want to share it with? Guess who would be regretting spending all your money on the internet in your eye socket now.

Google Glass 2With all these disadvantages and many more, people still want to get an experience of what this new world would view like only at the blink of ones eye. We all imagined these hi-tech devices in scenarios like of a movie in which everyone had their own personalized flying cars and in addition, an extremely portable view of eye. Reminds me of “Jet-Jackson”, doesn’t it!


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