Social Media is a double-edged sword, for some it is a great way to increase productivity, be entertained or communicate. While for some it is a privacy nightmare or addiction that does more harm than good. Reddit is a great internet discussion forum but like every other app it can be exhausting or even toxic due to intolerance caused by difference of opinions.

Loggin In Reddit

I want to Delete my Reddit Account, How can I do it?

Deleting a Reddit account is not possible, it can only be “Deactivated” as per the terms used on their website. Deactivation will not delete any content you shared, only your the username on your shared content will be replaced with [deleted] tag.


What is the difference between “Delete” and “Deactivate”?

First we must understand that on Internet, nothing is permanently deleted. When you tap/click delete on something, the content stops showing it to you or general public. The Image, Video or Text is still present on the Reddit/Imgur Servers (databases) unless the server administrators wish to destroy the data exclusively for you which extremely rare/impossible due to legal reasons.

Deactivation only hides your username from your Reddit Posts and Comments. It will not delete the pictures, text or videos that you shared on any subreddit. You have to delete each and everything individually. However, you can try your luck and contact Reddit to permanently delete everything.

I understand, still How do I deactivate my Reddit Account?

If you still want to go ahead and deactivate your Reddit account. Follow the steps below:

  • Open Web Browser, type and Log-in your account. Note: The Reddit mobile app does not show deactivate option.
  • Open the ☰ Menu at the top-right of screen, and click “User Settings” or “Settings”
User Settings on Reddit
  • If you are on PC, it will open the Account page by default and at the bottom you will see “Deactivate Account” in red-text. Click and it will ask your Username and Password for confirmation and agreement checkbox and click “Deactivate”
Deactivate Redidt Account
  • If you are on mobile, You have to zoom-in to the screen a bit and open Deactivate tab on top middle of Settings page and enter confirmation details and then click deactivate. Or just click this link.
Deactivate Box Reddit

Third Party Links, Pictures and Video Will Still be There

Even if you individually remove your Posts and Comments from Reddit. The Imgur Pictures, GIFs or Videos you shared will still be there and you will have to take care of it on their respective websites.


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