In this quick Windows 10 Troubleshooting tutorial, you will be shown how to fix the missing Thumbnails from directories and files in File Explorer.

Time needed: 10 minutes.


Thumbnails (or File Icons, Previews) are one of the most important feature of an Operating System, it saves your time by giving you preview of media file types such as videos (MP4, MKV, MOV) and pictures (JPEG, PNG, GIF and so on). There comes a time when Windows 10 stop showing Thumbnails on files. It becomes a hassle as you have double-click and open each file to view its contents. Many guides currently available on the internet tell you to clear cache using Disk Cleanup tool or run complicated commands into CMD which doesn’t fix this sticky problem at all. Don’t worry, we have a solution.

How to Fix File Thumbnail Pictures in Windows 10

  1. Find out the Build Number of your Windows

    Press WinKey+R to open Run dialog box. Type in winver and Press Enter. This will show you the current build of your Microsoft® Windows 10 for example, Build 1903

  2. Download the Windows Media Feature Pack for the current Windows 10 Build you have

    You have acquired Windows build number from Step #1. Head over to this page on Microsoft website and download 64-Bit version of Windows Media Feature Pack. The file is around 100 MB.

  3. Install the WMFP and Reboot your PC

    Double-click the file you just downloaded from Microsoft’s Website to start the installation. It will perform some necessary checks and if everything goes smooth, the video and picture thumbnails will start showing after a PC Reboot.

  4. [Optional] Clear the Thumbnail Cache with Disk Cleanup Utility

    Although, not necessary but still a good practice to clear the Thumbnail cache so it does not cause any problems. Open the File Explorer, right-click Local Disc (C:) and open properties, you will see Disk Cleanup button, open it. It will do a quick scan and show you a check list of items that can be erased to free-up disk space. Un-check everything except Thumbnails and click OK.

Let me know if this solution worked via comments, if any problems, I’d be happy to assist you.


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