Privacy on internetPrivacy is the state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people which is an important part of a person not only when it comes to real life but also on the internet. Back in the 2000’s when Internet was not readily available and the only common mode of instant communication was either cellphone or landlines. People were able contact each other through voice or physical conversation which was more private and less intruding. Now, after the advent of high speed internet. It has brought some more convenient methods of communication such as, social media, instant messaging, bulletin boards, blogs and emails. It’s technology is continuously evolving to provide more efficient ways of interacting with others.

But during this advancement we are forgetting about our privacy. The question is, “are we really concerned about our privacy on internet?”. If we look at social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, we can see millions of people posting their real life experiences, photos, opinions and past events in real-time without knowing about the consequences. They’re not aware that their information can easily be misused against them. For instance, if you are copying your class fellow’s homework or exchanging assignments and teacher happens to be an active Facebook user and catches you in the act. Clearly you’re not going to get good grades in that subject. Similarly, at work, you wouldn’t want your boss or co-workers presence in your online social circle which could greatly affect your employee position.


Moreover, there are thousands of cyber-crime cases reported which are involving social networks. It has become a lot easier for anyone to look through someone’s personal life and identity through their online profile without him or her knowing. All you need is few keystrokes, clicks and of course a working internet connection. The only possible way to safeguard your privacy on internet is to put minimum or no details online and use the privacy filters provided by the concerned website or program. Avoid posting unnecessary bits of your life on internet to keep yourself safe.


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