In the age of internet protecting your privacy is almost impossible when sites that you use daily track your every move through browser cookies, your input data, your whereabouts through GPS and more.  As big site like Facebook has been blatantly tracking users and selling user information from their start and now they have started keylogging you as well. Not only Facebook, Google is also doing the same through Google Chrome.

Here’s comes the Facebook part:

Whenever you login your account on Facebook and type something in the search box. Every letter of your search is permanently stored on Facebook servers. Now, if you open your facebook activity log and from the left sidebar open “Search”, you’ll see every keyword you have entered on facebook search since your account creation. Then Facebook refines your data through its algorithms and gives you pages/friends suggestions and to sell crap advertisements.



Now Google Chrome’s Turn:

Google Chrome keylogging

Google is doing exactly the same with their Google Chrome brower whenever you type something in address bar, it directly goes to Google Servers and your IP, keyword, browser user-agent and other information gets stored. Later that information is used by Google to personalize search results and to serve advertisement based on your search keywords. Pretty much intrusive.

These instant results are compromising users privacy, there should be an option for disabling them. Mozilla (firefox project) has been doing a great job to provide a more secure environment for browsing the web. Their priority is to protect users, not to generate revenue out of it.


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