Uninstall Windows 10 from Dual Boot
Windows 10 is Microsoft’s newest release that aims to clear all the mishaps and mistakes that were present in Windows 8.1. There’s no doubt that Windows 10 is fast and easily manageable operating system that can also be used by non tech savvy people. But then there are people out there like me, who like to use the advanced functions without being dumbed down by sliding menus. In my opinion, Windows 10 is bloated with glossy menus, reduced customization, forced Microsoft OneDrive cloud system,  you can’t turn off automatic updates. These things are total turn off and made me uninstall Windows 10, a day after.

If you have installed Win 10 on other drive using Dual Boot functionality. Don’t worry, you can easily uninstall Windows 10 from Windows 7, 8.1 and bring back the default bootloader of your previous Windows operating system.


Guide: How to Uninstall Windows 10 (Dual Boot) from Windows 7, 8.1:

1. Open Start Menu, type “msconfig” without quotes and press enter. It will open System configuration.
System Configuration MSCONFIG
2. Open Boot tab from System Configuration, you will see the following:

  • Windows 8.1 (Current OS)
  • Windows 10 Technical Preview or just Windows 10 (Default OS)

3. Select (highlight) Windows 10 and then click Delete.

Windows 10 Boot Configuration
Uninstalling Windows 10 Dual Boot from Windows Boot configuration

4. Then select your previous Operating System (e.g. Windows 7)  and then click “Set as Default

5. Now Windows 10 will be removed from the Dual Boot of your Computer. It will now directly boot to your previous OS (for example: Windows 8.1) without asking.

Windows 10 Boot screen

Remember: Your Windows 10 installation and files are still present. Be sure to make a backup of your important files and then format the drive anytime you want. You can do it from Disk Management or from Windows Explorer by right-clicking the Drive > Format.


  1. I have windows 7 currently set as the default. There is no windows 10 in there where you said to look. Windows 10 keeps trying to load and install itself on my computer and I don’t want it to. After I let it down load ( I had no choice) I did not accept the terms of the license agreement and it said it removed itself and put back my original operating system. About 45 minutes later it shut down my computer and went into down load mode for Windows Ten again. I immediately unplugged my computer to stop it and it did. Now its telling me I have to restart my computer to restart the Windows 10 download again which I do not want.
    It originally told me that it was free several months ago and then after originally initiating the down load it said it was free only for a short time period then there would be a charge for it. What false advertising!

    How do I get rid of it for ever.


  2. Windows 10 is pure spyware. I have been setting up computer systems for offices for many years. And this is the first time I have had to accuse M$ of creating a pure spyware OS. But it’s true. It’s junkware. It’s hostile. It steals your information. It will fry your CPU and use up all your metered data quickly through all its secret downs and ups. It should be treated as a VIRUS. Because it acts like one. Windows 7 is the last good OS they produced. And the reason why so many offices still prefer it.


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