Xbox One Keyboard and Mouse Support
Microsoft is trying to make Xbox primary choice for consoles gamers. New features namely Backward (Xbox 360 emulation) compatibility and game streaming to Windows 10 were added in the recent time.  This time, Microsoft is taking another giant leap by adding native Keyboard and mouse support to Xbox One.

The keyboard and mouse are the perfect combination for any first-person shooting game. The aiming and precision can’t simply be compared with the console controller.  This could be a huge step forward and a great selling point for Microsoft’s console as the many great game titles are available on it.


The Xbox One currently runs on PC hardware with modified version of Windows operating system. It already has basic keyboard support to input text and chat. Back in the day, Microsoft started allowing PC master race to play with Xbox Live players that move caused total abomination due to FPS limitation and lack of precision.

It is still unclear when the Keyboard-mouse support will arrive.. There are reports of Windows 10 beta coming Xbox One after the summer season so, K/M support will likely to be bundled with it.

Here’s a tweet of Phil Spencer from Xbox team confirming the news:



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