iPhone 6MainApple is stepping toward another gorgeous and striking concept for reinventing iPhone that is iPhone 6. Seeing as iPhone 5 hasn’t come through the demands of people, the Apple is working to recompense for iPhone 5 lacking by affixing outstanding and exceptional features in their forthcoming gadget.

Teasing Concepts of iPhone 6

The futuristic phone concept is propelling people and is making them anxious to get release soon and match their expectations. IPhone next generation may have following awesome concepts.


iPhone 6 3D Camera

Outsized, Curvy, Airy Design

Apple is so far to shift from its earlier iPhones to large display iPhone with its curved dimension and has announced to release in 2014. This concept proposal is greatly distinctive as compared to all prior iPhones. It has features of:

  • The precedents of apple iPhone display were only about 3.8 to 4 inch large. Although impending iPhone device is improving to have 4.8-inch display large display.

*”This can be assured by the words of Brian White of Cantor Fitzgerald who told Cantor investors in a note that, “Our meeting with a tech supply chain vendor highlighted a bigger iPhone is in the works.”

iPhone 6 Style

  • The curved design will support borderless, large screen and a remarkable outlook, which will convince people to throw away their old devices.
  • Airy or light weight design of iPhone 6 will allow the users to operate single-handed.

Thumbs Down To Home Button

The iPhone 6 may finally be free from home button. This may not be disappointing. There may be more tap to control functions and applications at bottom of the phone rather than the conventional home button which was found in all previous iPhones.

iPhone 6 Newlook

Toggle To OLED Screen

A requirement of hardware engineer who must have a specialty in Flexible displays was advertised by Apple Company in 2013. This signals that Apple is planning to do some innovations regarding flexible displays. The concept of switching from LCD to OLED (organic light emitting diode) display will deliver an enhanced and delightful experience for apple customers owing to great color saturation, light, flexible, brighter and low pressure touch capabilities.

  • iPhone lovers are dreaming about various innovations for new iPhone 6. Some suggests that apple is likely to design waterproof display for iPhone 6 as the phone once fall in water, is of no use. And if iPhone 6 could have this feature it will make life of their lovers trouble-free, whereas, company can also sustain its effective place in mark
  • Another feature people are predicting is that iPhone 6 would be equipped with wireless charging. This would be a great innovation if came true as this will make life relaxed.
  • Photogenic people are predicting that iPhone 6 is more likely to have 3.2 megapixel front camera and 13 megapixel rear 3D camera. More pixels will add up to brilliant photos and videos to those who are waiting for something special. It might be possible that in this much-awaited device, the camera will have advance light sensitivity and can produce even better image in low light as compared to 5s. This camera features are extraordinary which will make ultra-HD video recording promising also.
  • iPhone consumers are expecting to have curved glass screens. It is assumed to have curved glass downward at the periphery. This can boast the mode and style in people. It may be better way to new trendy Apple.
  • The iPhone 6 is predicted to become a great next smartphone for customers revealed by Apple soon in 2014. This will include features that will hit modern thinking. This iPhone may probably increase Apple Company’s rate and probably economy of USA.
  • iPhone 6 Wiresless Charging


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