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The British government has won the approval from which they can use the “Dot London” domain making the city one of the vital who will be able to hold their own nub of the World Wide Web.


More than ever the London will now greatly busy with the branded globe, this is why the .London recent top level domain (recent gTLD) is now just on way to London to deal with wider and more committed web presence for unbelievable diversity of individual businesses, cultural institution’s that will call London Homes.

London will be greatly busy with the branded globe, this is why the .London recent top level domain (recent gTLD) is now just on way to London

In London mayor’s office it is said in a statement on last Friday that all internet addresses closing in London and it would be accessible from upcoming year after ICANN, the global internet body accepts the suffix this week. London will now be the first cities in the world who have their own domain name suffix with web addressing ending on London. Tens of many thousand’s businesses and individuals have shown regards and say that they all are very much excited to get interacted with the London top brands.

* Benefits for businesses, communities and organisations

  • You can acquire the short, memorable domain that you want for your business, organisation, campaign or service
  • You will gain more customers as those looking for goods or services in London will instantly recognise that you are local
  • People will trust your website as it is associated with London’s domain
  • Your brand will be strengthened by an association with London

London and partners is working with many aim listed companies of Top Level Domain Holdings to run an advance domain name, other cities are also working to set up their own domain name but London is now one of the major who will have their own domain, the city is planning to allow the businesses organizations and individuals who are working on London based system to get register firstly for the domain in upcoming spring 2014 the domain would be

Mayor Boris Johnson says that this domain name will enable London based organizations and business to more closely interact with themselves with the London most powerful global brands also this is an excellent opportunity for London to enlarge its digital presence which successfully generate funds to invest back in to city.

Mayor Borris

Gorden Innes chief executive of the London and the partners says that their agency has observed the enormous interest from the visitors and other businesses in the city. London and the partners which is the city’s official promotional agency, is the official applicant for .London, and they have selected many minds and tools or machines to administer registry service for the domain.



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