android KitKat

Google has recently introduced Android 4.4 KitKat instead of Android 5.0 (which of kinda expected). The top features of this brand new mobile OS are:


KitKat Main Features

SMS Integration in Hangouts

One of the biggest changes in Android KitKat features will be the integration of SMS and MMS into Google hangouts which recently replaces Google talks, the new apps update will indicate whether any particular message sent as a SMS, MMS or as an instant messaging i.e.. (online chat) even voice and video calling are all now done through hangouts.

New and Redesigned

The notification bar which have remained solid black in color will be transparent and icons like battery signals etc will be in white, same the case is with navigation bar where the home page and apps features software keys are located they will be transparent and white, also you will have the flat and new icons. One can easily switch to full screen mode and simply you can bring back the buttons by swiping the screen from top to bottom edge. According to Google’s the Android 4.4 KitKat can let any app to work like NFC smart card which means that the system will let the apps manage your payment information in the cloud or simply by your device.

Always Listening

Some report says that the Google now will always have on the functionality that we’ve seen. Google search on Android 4.4 will now automatically combine into a single page of home screen launcher. Also you can perform the various Google apps with voice commands without touching the device and it may accept commands in several languages not only in English.

Smoother and Better Performance

Android 4.4 have much smoother to touch and improves performance of the device, Android 4.4 is much lighter and faster than Android 4.3 or other older versions of Android, it has a better hardware and software optimization which provides better battery life even have better memory management and other performance tweaks so that we can get the best performance out of the device, since the OS is very light and simple and uses very less resources on memory. The KitKat largely focuses on optimization and allows it to run on lower end devices.

Cloud Printing and Quick Office Integration

In Android 4.4 KitKat the user will be able to send print commands they can print the documents and pictures over the web or cloud print a service that was launched in June this year it will also allow users to send command to print documents from their tablets, phones or laptops to connected printers.

Screen Recording

Screen Recording, a much anticipated feature is now officially supported in this OS. Users can now record their screen. This feature can be extremely useful for recording app tutorials, gameplay guides. Google has put anti-piracy measures to prevent screen recording for Google play movies and streaming services such as NetFlix. But, somehow pirates may find a workaround for this.

Release Date

Android 4.4 was already released on 1st November 2013. The all-new Nexus 5 Smartphone was first seen with KitKat. In the coming weeks other Google family devices such as Nexus 7, Nexus 10 will get the new OS. Devices manufactured by Samsung, LG, Sony will also get the Android KitKat depending on their laziness


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