Best Android Apps December 2013
Android apps are a platform for many users so just tuned up to your favourite apps ranging from number of unique services on your android and make the most of it. There is a variety of apps on an android party line through which users can pick their own apps; we’ve chosen the best from many android apps so just read and share and make your android a cherry pick device.

The formal android Apps store ranges over the twin gateway of millions of Apps and moreover 50 billion downloads.

Swype Keyboard

Swype Keyboard


Swype keyboard apps tenders many users to make the use of this keyboard apps. It brings you to swype your fingers covering few letters to complete words. This app comprise elegant machine learning engine, several keyboard configurations multiple language writing support and talk to text dictations. This app can make the mobile typing perfect and easy.



X-Plore is an exceptional way to gaze at an Android File systems. It has many traits of jellied rewards. Can fulfill many file tasks like copy, rename, or can create some other new folders. With the help of X-Plore users could ingress Picasa albums, browse database files, zip and unzip files and explore many folders on PC’s and Computers.

Google Maps

Google Maps

Google maps one of the leading apps of the android this year, assist individuals confidently to navigate many places includes streets, parks, landmarks, shopping malls, many large buildings, outdoor and indoor places all over the world.



This app is the individuals all time most popular news sources one can watch video reports, read articles or upcoming news and can listens to online live radio and many more.


Dictionary App Android

It is one of the most informative apps for the users, instead of going to other dictionary websites and waiting for the browser to open you can download this app and get all types of definitions or words meaning immediately to your android device in a very short time.


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