Japan new Island from Volcanic eruptionJapan, the world leader in technology has received a new gift from the nature. An undersea volcano eruption has caused a small Island to emerge on 620 miles south of Tokyo. The newly created Island is 200 meters and (660 feet in diameter) and falls under the Ogasawara chain which is also known as Bonin Islands.

Japan_volcanic_island4 Japan_volcanic_island3Japan is known as one the most active volcanic region in Earth. It is a perfect example how tectonic plates are shifting.The Japanese volcanologists have mentioned that the new Island may disappear but that is highly unlikely. On the other hand, the government spokesperson welcomed the new island territory.
Japan_volcanic_island2In past, many volcanic islands have appeared on the coast of Japan but some of them disappeared soon after that.  There was a similar occurrence in Gwadar coastline, Pakistan where a mud island emerged after a 5.6 magnitude earthquake. Kaiju incoming?



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