Samsung Galaxy s5
Samsung galaxy line is going to overthrow all their competitors soon and will surely make a Samsung empire due to its intensifying achievements throughout the world. After the magnificent success of Samsung galaxy s4, a new classy flagship device is on its way to make an impact on people around the globe. This device is Samsung Galaxy S5, which is expected to release in 2014. It is far to see the full beauty of this Smartphone but the trailer or preview can be seen now.


Noticeable Features of Galaxy S5

Enhanced Smart Metal Chassis

Samsung fans and users will quit using their plastic body Smartphone when this device will be appear in its fine metal case or body. All Samsung predecessors were enclosed in plastic assembly, this innovation would bring a remarkable change in its quality and style.


Advance Performance

Performance of a phone is always précised by implanting CPU with RAM. Samsung galaxy S5 is intended to have 64-bit Exynos 6 processor inside it. This will possess elevated swiftness and power. This will also support the applications of 64-bit and run it with full rapidity.
It was described by tech blog G for Games that, * “According to the latest bits of information coming from Samsung’s homeland, the company is pretty much done with developing its in-house 64-bit CPU. From our understanding, Samsung went past the more difficult parts of creating the CPU, and the chip is almost ready for its release.”

Samsung galaxy S5 will feature RAM of 3GB. This would ultimately be an ultra-thin RAM ever mounted in Samsung series. It will provide scope for bigger battery and it will help user to keep their beloved Samsung with them for long.

Advanced Pixels Camera

Samsung is always been admired for stepping up in its camera facilities with its new generations. There is always a noticeable treatment to cameras of Samsung smartphones. Samsung S5 will substitute 13 megapixel cameras of Samsung s4 by 16 megapixel real mounted camera. It will utilize ISOCELL technology which will allow crystal clear image to be captured and videos to be recorded. It will provide stunning opportunity for camera-friendly people to get in more photos.

Improved Display Screen

Samsung will put off old LCD display and will introduce flexible AMOLED display with pixel of 560 pixels per inch. This will prove to be better achievement for company. It will be having better resolution even much better than all its predecessors.

Expectations from Samsung Galaxy S5

  • Tired from the bugs and freezing issues of android version 4.3 which was updated in previous Samsung phones, people are expecting the chance for up-gradation with android 4.4. KitKat for its smoothness and to attract customers.
  • It is predicted that TouchWiz User Interface will start in this device, if it comes true there will be great profit to the company because of soft and silky response and multitasking abilities.
  • Samsung might pack fingerprint scanner in its flagship device to beat the rival Apple. The fingerprint scanner will be smart way out for Smartphone related to security and verification.
  • For price, it is predicted to be expensive because of new metal chassis and usage of premium materials.

To have the interesting Samsung galaxy S5 to set on the hands, users have to wait for the next year and it will unquestionably astonish people and accomplish their demands. Its new feature can also win the race of Smartphone.

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