Windows 10 is a good operating system when it comes to ease of use. However, for some people it is a nightmare for business oriented tasks due to constant Windows Updates™ and driver incompatibilities. Many people I see these days are getting Camera missing, undetected in default Windows Camera App. Don’t worry, you can fix it easily.

We can’t Find your Camera [Error Code 0xA00F4244] Fix:

Method #1

Enable Camera Access to Applications from Privacy Settings. 

In 90% of the cases, the camera access is disabled in Windows 10 privacy settings. To resolve this, do the following:


Enable Camera Windows 10 Privacy Settings

  • Open Settings, or type Privacy Settings in Start Menu and click on it
  • From the left sidebar, select the Camera tab.
  • Enable Allow Apps to Access your Camera by clicking it [turn it on]
  • You will see a list of apps below, make sure Camera app is allowed to usage

As we are troubleshooting the Camera problems, Set all switches to ON and reboot your PC. We’re basically enabling everything so we can diagnose the problem.

Method #2

This error also comes when you don’t have appropriate camera drivers installed. To overcome this issue you need to install Camera Drivers from your Laptop or PC manufacturer.

For example:

If you are using Desktop PC, find out the model number of your motherboard and search for its drivers.

The search query example: Asus 350F STRIX Drivers Windows 10 

If you have a Laptop, type the model number of machine:

i.e. Lenovo G510 Drivers Windows 10

The top links would probably be from the manufacturer’s website, visit their website, download the Camera drivers for your Laptop or Desktop PC’s model and install them. In most cases the Windows 10 automatically has them preinstalled, but since your Camera is not getting detected, why not give it a second try.

I hope this fixes your Camera troubles, so you can go back using Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, Skype etc.


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