So the other day, I was fixing my Dad’s phone and I wanted to do a factory reset on it because it was bloated with unnecessary apps. The micro USB cable wasn’t working so the only option was to use AirDroid to transfer files over WiFi. Everything was smooth until AirDroid could not detect the micro SD card installed inside the phone. All other apps were able to detect it except AirDroid.

Airdroid App on Android for WiFi File Transfer


Here’s a simple fix to AirDroid SD card not showing files:

  • Launch AirDroid app on your Android phone
  • Open Tools tab from the bottom
  • Tap on “Files” icon
  • It will ask you for permission to access Phone’s storage, Tap Allow.
  • Now, open the AirDroid Web interface by typing the URL provided in App
  • You will now be able to browse the External SD Card installed on your phone via WiFi on PC.

That’s it.


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