Android, being the most popular mobile operating system and having largest amount of mobile applications on its market is apparently having a spam problem. Hundreds of apps are added on Google Play Store on daily basis and a big number of those apps are either spam or low in quality to be approved on Android market.

The number of spam apps are increasing significantly, they come packed with malwares, intrusive advertising and annoying notifications that pop-up every 3 seconds. These apps are also the cause of battery drainage, they keep running on background and sync your personal information to their servers.


While its true that Google Play market shows what permissions or level of access you’re granting an app but that’s not enough. Android market editors need to control the quality of applications and should focus on quality instead of quantity or one day Google Play market will be filled entirely with junk/obsolete apps.

Android developers on the other hand should maintain the quality of their app and minimize the number of ads, yep I’m talking about advertisements. Too much ads/notifications are a big turn off for a user which leads to uninstall of the particular app. Smartphones process information the same way as Desktop computers, the only difference is how user exchanges I/O. If a smartphone app has nice and fast responsive GUI and a little number of ads, congrats you just made a user happy.  That’s all.


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