Windows 8 disasterAll the hype, publicity and advertisement that Microsoft done for Windows 8 has gone down the drain. They tried to make an all-in-one operating system for all the devices by shipping same version of Windows 8 on Desktop PC’s and tablets. The Window 8 was preloaded with awful Metro UI (without Start Menu) which is primarily focused on touchscreen devices. The guys at Microsoft thought that they can replace good old mouse and keyboard navigation through touchscreen by revamping Office apps and porting a couple of mobile phone games to Win8.

The first glimpse of Windows 8 looked good but when the users had their hands on, they couldn’t find it appealing, user-friendly like old versions of Windows. Even if they did, they had to install some 3rd party applications to get rid of Metro interace and bring the old start menu back. The rest of the users stuck to Windows 7 and they are happy with it (including me). The growth rate of Windows 8 is hardly 5% as compared it Windows 7/XP.


Windows 8 might be a good OS for touchscreen platforms but other than that, it is a total waste. Microsoft clearly played a wrong card this time. If they really want some sales, they have to follow the user requirements/demands first then go with the experimental changes.

PS: Windows 8 logo is a joke.


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