In the latest development, Android M is confirmed to be codenamed “Marshmallow” which isn’t surprising at all since previous version names were based on sweet items. Google has officially rolled Android 6.0 SDK (API 23) Preview 3 to the developers in a closed beta hence, nearing to the official launch. The release date of Android M (Marshmallow) is expected to be in late September 2015. Its features will bring optimization to developer and user’s end, it will most probably arrive first on Samsung Flagship smartphones on its official launch.

Android Marshmallow

The key features of Android M (Marshmallow):

1. Power Saving

More efficient power management will come to your smartphone. It will fix all the battery issues such as charging and battery drain.


2. Finger Print Access

Android M will bring native support for fingerprint based mobile hardware. You won’t have to type your password repeatedly for purchasing items in Play Store. Much like Apple’s iPhone.

3. App Permissions

In this update, users will have more control over their Android devices. You can control which information (images, contacts, microphone etc.) you share with each application

4. Memory and Resource Tracking

Android M will include resource tracking for all the apps. Meaning that you will easily known what app is using most resource on your phone, you can also kill those processes. This will eliminate the need for 3rd party cleaning apps.

5. USB Type-C Support

It will be compatible with latest USB Type-C connector

6. Voice Controls just got better.

Voice commands will provide more accessibility for users who are disabled or for those who want to look cool.

7. More Changes to come

If you would like to see the early launch version of Android M, you can get the latest Android SDK from Android Developer blog.

It is now confirmed that Marshmallow will be called Android 6.0. If you own a Nexus device expect a new Android 6.0 update next month. I hope this will not be a disaster like Lollipop which caused more problems than solutions.


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