Android Touchscreen Not workingTouchscreen devices are becoming necessity nowadays and they are continuously replacing physical keypads/keyboards on Laptops, Cell-phones, Car-stereo and on many other things.  Android OS ranks #1 and it comprises of  80% of touchscreen devices sold in global market.  Android is designed to be user-friendly and versatile operating system for mobile devices, however sometime it tends to be unstable. Many users are reporting issues of touchscreen not working, being unresponsive and so on. Don’t worry, there’s a fix for that!

Android Touch Screen Not Working Problem Fix

Follow the steps mentioned below until your problem is sorted.


1. Restart Your Android Device

It works 80% of the time. Screen locking/managing applications often make touchscreen unresponsive. In that case you need to restart your Android device.  How can I reboot my tablet, the touchscreen is not working.. Good question!

  • Grab your Android tablet/phone
  • Press and hold the Power Button for 10 seconds or until  the screen goes blank.
  • Wait a minute or two and then power on your device normally using the same button.

2. Eject Memory Card and Sim

Shutdown your Android device and remove the Memory card and Sim(s) attached to it. Also, remove the battery for few seconds if possible.

3. Remove Any  Cases

Smart cases are good in protecting your device from scratches and damage. But their automatic screen wake/sleep feature sometime cause the device to malfunction. Remove the case, perform a restart.

4. Hard Reset your Android

For advanced users. If everything else doesn’t work, try doing a hard reset on your phone. This will wipe your phone/tablet and return it to its original condition.  This usually involves holding down Volume-Up and Volume-Down button together and then pressing Power Button (every phone has different method). It starts your device in Recovery mode, you can do a Wipe-Factory-Reset from there. Use volume up/down buttons to navigate and press Power button to select. Be careful and don’t mess with other options or  you may brick your phone.

5. Knocking the Touchscreen (Not recommended)

Remove the Screen Protector on your Android device if present.  Now, gently knock every corner of your touchscreen to realign it. Sometimes continuous phone drops cause screen digitizer cable to loses its connection to device motherboard however, its a rare case.

If you are still unable to make touchscreen work maybe its time to claim warranty, Its a lengthy process but works. Also, post comments below to share other tips not mentioned in this article.


  1. Thanks a lot. I was having trouble unlocking my android phone pattern after a drop. I used the ‘not recommended method’ the KNOCKING and it worked! Thanks for the idea.

  2. hi. My myphone android phone fell yesterday for about 1 1/2 meter high. Though there happened to be a small crack at the lower screen, the screen display was still functioning but the “back” and “menu” button (located at the bottom of the display screen) was not working at all. I can’t figure out what to do. Is there no other remedy aside from buying a replacement for a glass broken? will I not reboot my phone and then it will work? Is the digitizer, lcd and glass need to be replaced?

  3. My device was crushed when my friend sat on it .The screen broke into two with a huge crack on it only and 30 percent of the screen is working what should i do.

  4. my galaxy pocket is rooted but i accidentally used jelly mod instead of jelly blast so i wipe the entire things in the phone but i cannot click the android in my screen so i cannot follow the instruction.. please help me. i am 12 years old. ples help me thannks.

  5. Thanks a lot. I was having trouble unlocking my android phone pattern after a drop. I used the ‘not recommended method’ the KNOCKING and it worked! Thanks for the idea.

    Hihi.. Nice one bro… Thanks you, now my phone working well !!

  6. I have a problem on my Star N9800. Sometimes when I turn on the screen it doesn’t respond to my fingers. Then I off/on it few times and it starts working again. Could it be connected to CPU? It’s octa-core CPU and it maybe doesn’t turn on the cores at right time so phone freezes? Because turning off/on the screen usually helps. It’s like cores start up and I can use it again.

  7. My android tablet can on, all buttons are working except the ok button. It didnot fall down. What do I do? I’ve tried d above options

  8. I accidentally dropped my phone — alcatel one touch scribe easy — and it became unresponsive. Everytime I reboot my phone it starts working like normal but as soon as the phone locks/sleeps, I’m no longer able to wake the phone.. I mean it’s no longer responding to the touch.. I have tried hard reset and knocking but it stays the same. Could someone help me please?

  9. Wayne. Try removing magnetic protective screen case and try again. Also, perform a factory reset on your phone.

  10. can u briefly tell the KNOCKING method ?
    and my andriod phone, all applications are running by them selves

  11. Thank you so much!My heart was in my mouth when my phone was not working but the hard reset placed my heart in its right place afterwards.Thanks again!!!

  12. Hi. I got a problem whit my touchscreen keyboard. If i want to whrite, it starts to whrite diffirent spells. It does crazy things. What i can do?

  13. @Rii,
    If that bit was helpful to you, you’re gonna love this handy piece of advice:
    Let me go farther with this “reboot” thing. I’d say, probably 70-75% of all IT-support issues can be solved by simply restarting a single machine–or several codependent machines (e.g. rebooting both a modem and router, at the same time to reset/refresh a network). If you ever have an issue with anything that can “boot up”–whether it be a smartphone, tablet, PC, gaming console, router, Roku box, etc–do yourself a favor; save yourself hours of headaches and make sure you do a reboot first before you consider any other types of troubleshooting. Most times, that’ll be your answer–at least temporarily.
    So, there you go! 🙂 Hope that helps somebody.


  14. My tablets screen is cracked in the bottom. The left side of the screen does not work but the right side works. What do i have to do? Help please!!

  15. I need your help my phone touchscreen doesn’t work because when I formatted my cellphone twice it always hanging and after an hour my touchscreen didn’t work..Please help me..

  16. My phone don’t recognize anymore my touch on the left side. When i restart it, remove the SDcard and sim.. Nothing happen. I still can”t touch it. What will i do? Please help me 🙁

  17. Thanks for the suggested solutions. The not recommended option is actually recommendable; it works for me.

  18. Hi there

    I have a weird issue with my HTC Wildfire S …. last night I answered a call no problem but since then my phone though it looks ok with messages coming in etc well it simply wont let me answer calls on in any way interact with the screen. Its like I can see the phone but have no way of interacting with it.

    I’ve tried removing battery and SD card plus SIM and rebooting which works fine but the screen stubbornly refuses to let me do anything. Could a connection be loose in there somewhere?

    Only thing of value is my contact list as for some reason when I had my SIM replaced it didn’t contain my contacts so I’m guessing they are phone only.

    I’ve tried tethering the phone to my laptop but I can’t get into it that way to retrieve anything

    Any help very gratefully received!

  19. I desperately need your help.I’m experiencing problem with my andriod phone touch

  20. My Samsung Illusion was recently dropped in water. After keeping the battery and phone in rice for about 6 hours, it turns on now but I cannot use the touchscreen, and the words safe mode are in the bottom left corner. What do I do?

  21. My Spice MI 422 is not working. I am not able to do anything after restarting my phone, not drag the unlocker, or anything at all. It was working fine until yesterday. I removed the sim and memory card, still not working, I reinserted them. Not able to turn on hard reset mode by pressing volume up and power button together for 10 seconds. Nothing happening. Help please, if you can.

  22. My Myphone agua rio does not function well, specifically on its screen, the bottom part of the touchscreen suddenly malfunctioned. I need help please

  23. i got problem with my android phone i think it lost its alignment but only on the bottom part, because whenever i touch the bottom right part the one that is being clicked is the other side (the application that is on the left part). please please help !! i hope you could help me

  24. i practially have to pound on my tablet to get any response. i have a keyboard also attached and some times that isnt responsive either.

  25. My zenfone5 was dropped into water and some part of the screen isn’t working. Left the phone in rice to dry but oy some part of the scren is working. Anyone is able to fix this problem?

  26. If phone is dropped in water the touch screen will possibly damage due to water penetrated inside the phone screen and there is a electric ribbon cable connected to touch screen that passes the message of your finger touch on screen, therefore open phone and dry the touch screen, if it does not work than you will possibly need to replace the touch screen.

    Also, if touch screen works at some times and some times doesn’t and you have tried all possible methods by cleaning the screen or verify if the phone is hanged due to any software or low memory, if the finally issue looks like related to hardware, it means touch screen possibly need a replacement.

  27. hold the power/ volume up/ and home buttons together for a few seconds the phone will vibrate and the reboot options will come up on the screen. use the volume up and volume down buttons to tab through the list options. use the home button to select. if you use the restore to factory settings option you will delete everything on the phone and it cannot be retreived unless you’ve backed up your information on google via your google account. hope this helps.

  28. Tried the rebooting thing (power button + volume buttons) it went all black then said downloading in the center but nothing happened after that? What should I do?

  29. thank you soooooooooooooooooo much. I was afraid to tell to mom but i figured it out by the not recommended method and i also saw it in the comment i didnt wanna try that method but i was forced to do as there was no other way.

  30. say everything very useful,my phone met a problem, suddenly I can heard others speaking, but others can’t hear my speaking,when I call to others, what is this kind problem, can it fix by hard reset ? or need to replace a resistant on motherboard ?

  31. Hi, my phone dropped and i only cracked the top part of my screen but the entire screen stopped working, do i also have to replace the LCD as well as the glass? thank you.

  32. My ‘My phone agua rio’ cant touch the home , back and menu button we try to factory reset and nothing happen . It just start with the Task Bar i mean whatever you call it , it cant drug down . I cant even click the setting their in the task bar . and later on the home , back and menu bar cant click it anymore pls help me ..

  33. Micromax P275 infinity Funbook stuck in pattern lock. While playing some touching games, the tablet got stuck in the screen. Applying to reset factory but leaving no option to continue and appearing just android logo. whenever trying to re-start it stuck on the pattern lock. Doing all possible advice but still stuck in the pattern lock.

  34. knocking method works for me…but from time to time problem returns…should i replace digitizer cable?

  35. my android pad lost the responding to touch. i tried a lot ways, but failed. Then i knocked it on the works.

  36. my problem is when i touch my screen on a specific position . the screen respond in another one like this imagine i have a button called “done” and i cam typing on my keyboard like this :
    DONE ( on the top of the screen)
    >>keyboard (on the bottom of the screen)
    when i press any key from the keyboard the “DONE” key is pressed automatically by it self.
    is there any solution please???

  37. hi all.
    i am an archos 70 internet tablet owner for the past 3 years now. its the best buy i ever did. Recently the touch screen wasnt working and the light tapping method improved it a lot. Now only the middle part of the screen isnt working. i will try to open the device to look at the digitaizer and shake it a little 🙂
    thanks for the advice!

  38. Help, my samsung galaxy young GT-S5360 got hanged and .got over used too. I always used it while its still charging.. help what should I do to my phone..

    I also try rebooting and formatting it by pressing the up volume keys, power button and the home keys. It opened but still not showing its program.. it always open and open nonstop showing Samsung’s logo, until the battery gets drain.

    help.. what should i do? 🙁

  39. Plz help me!!!!!!!!

    My tab touch is nt working properly
    it gets hanged often and if i press the power button n vol button it gets restarted n again wrk fr smetym..i tired factory reset n reboot also

    Plzzzz sme1 help me……am gng mad

  40. I was just chilling out when someone launched a football against my cellphone.It fell of course.I tried everything.It turns on but the screen dosen´t show any image.Please help:(

  41. My Versus Touchpad 9 has a crack down the middle of the screen. The right hand side works fine but the left hand side is not working what so ever. I want to get the screen replaced but will that be enough? Help please !

  42. My phone Nokia 311 is unable to touch, what should i do. Ive been for a year to buy this thing i need help for this case.

  43. omg… This is amazing that knocking phones corner really work… Thanks man… Now my phone works very well…..

  44. My ZTE (Z750C) WILL NOT let me use the touchscreen. I reset it lost all of my data all my pictures and apps. It still will not let me interact with the phone.I removed the battery and the sd card and the sim. It is not working Please help me i am 12 and need a phone to live plpease help me.

  45. My Alcatel mobile one touch scribe easy, touch screen is not working and i am unable to unlock the screen. I tried to restore to factory settings and am able to navigate between the ‘yes’ and ‘No’ key using the volume up and down buttons. But i am unable to select the action using the power button as it switches off the mobile phone. Please help as i am unable to use this mobile since one week.

  46. i dropped my nextbook tablet a few times and now the right side wont work i already tried factory reset how can i fix it

  47. My tablet doesn’t response unless I av to press it very hard.I av tried the options 2wice but its not working.should I wait a bit?or what should I do?

  48. i desperately need ur help. i tried to unlock my cell phone HTC desire c with a password but when i tried to do it,, th ‘a’ button was not working. i removed the battery without shutting off. then tried to switch it on but it did not…. i cant understand what should i do????????? plz help me

  49. I have Star N9800. I have the same problem that Josip.Failure N9800 screen stays locked. Have you found the solution? Thanks

  50. the screen knocking stuff worked for me, ut then stopped and continued at intervals…i guess i have to knock harder… but it gave me hope my phone could still work fine..cos i lost hope..

  51. Hello,
    Unfortunately I can’t fix my Android Super Smart Tablet PC touch screen.Please send advice on what to do!!!

  52. Please help, I dropped my android device mistakenly, the screen is shattered and the device has refused to switch on since then, what can I do, I’m really scared…

  53. I dropped my nexus 7 2012, and it only fell about 2 feet, but the floor was hard and now I get no response from the touchscreen. The tablet is locked, but obviously still functioning (other than the touchscreen). I don’t know what would even really help at this point, and I don’t know how to reset it like this. I did try what I could though, the knocking, the restarting, taking the case off. If somebody could give me a little advice it would be much appreciated. Thank You

  54. the first time I dropped my phone there were two minor cracks at the top and at the bottom. it was working fine for about 30 minutes. when I came back to my phone the top half of my screen was not responding. since then i have been rotating my screen in order to use some apps on my phone. just today i dropped it again and a few more cracks formed, now the whole screen isn’t responding. only the VERY TOP is working (where the notification bar is) and i have my touch feedback on so thats how i know. i was wondering if this method will work even though my screen is cracked ? please someone answer. I have a LG G2 with tmobile, thanks.

  55. Tab S 8.4, less than a month old, has become completely unresponsive. Screen mostly. Tried hard reset, wipe, clear cache, etc. No love. I want to get into “accessiblity settings” to adjust screen sensitivity FIRST, but even before the thing is set up I can’t get the screen to respond.

    Holding just power button wouldn’t work, I had to do the 3 button salute several times over.

    We had a problem with the wifi as well, it can’t access other computers on the same wifi to get files. Useless device.

    Question really is, would it be better to go through Amazon, Square Trade Warranty, or Samsung for repair/replace?

  56. Hi, I have a the problem whet my phone , that is it which the bottom side of tuchscreen works, but the top side doesn’t works, please help me.

  57. Hi, I have a problem with my phone the top and the bottom sides of tuch screen works but the medium side does ‘works, please help me.

  58. My screen seems to have seconds when will not accept any swipe or key input then it will become over responsive and one keypress will result in letters from other parts of the keyboard that I did not press coming up.When swiping it sometimes opens unwanted windows. I have cleared cache and any apps that show memory storage. but still freezes briefly.Freelander px3

  59. Hi. I dropped my nexus 10. The touch for the screen has stopped working. I opened the back and realigned theqhite line in the touch sensors(?) But it still won’t work. Any other ideas?

  60. My son drop my tablet buttons work but it won’t respond to touch on the screen oh and it have a crack on the screen

  61. My intex aqua i14 touch panel not working from last 2days ,I tried factry reset still it’s not working. I cant unlock my phone after switching on my device. Buttons are workings but not the touch panel….pls give some suggestions

  62. My moto G2’s screen suddenly stop responding. I tried everything I knew but could not succeed. after reading this article I decided to restart my phone & guess what. It starts working. Very helpful article

  63. yesterday i drop my phone acidently but all was ok but it wont respond to the touch and then i saw on youtube that my problem go. it made worst now i cant lock my screen and the screen is on so took out battery and finding a way to fix it


  64. I fell asleep on my android and the screen doesn’t respond my fingers when I try to swipe the screen open. i dont have a lock my phone and it has happened before. sometimes it works again within a few minutes, hours or days. The screen wants to work when it decides to.

  65. my * key is not working this happen when i was charging and doing some touching while browsing. what can i do to restore it.

  66. I’ve got the problem where my android tablet cracked and now only 10% of the screen works, is there anything i can do without replacing parts??

  67. i was restart my phone as well as eject the sim and memory card,but still the phone is not working,plz tell me the solution..

  68. My will mobile is not working . The touch is not responding I don’t know what to do . Any suggestions plzzz

  69. Im not sure why it’s (not recommended) to do the knocking on the 4 sides of the screen because after 2 days of extreme frustration and 2 days completely without a phone (I was waiting for money/availability to get new phone and remembered I had a warranty) I decided to utilize my warranty. So when I started searching how to do that and if there were ANY possible troubleshooting options I could try in the meantime for the issue I was having, (I didn’t think anything could be done) I came upon this article. And after trying EVERY SINGLE one of the options (even though I had already tried the reboots and removal of sims and batteries, etc) the knocking was the ONLY thing that worked!!! And I’ve read it worked for a couple other people as well as they posted in their comments. So why is it NOT recommended?

  70. My touchscreen has been unresponsive for about a month so I decided to search solutions before completely giving up, so glad I found this site. I tried the knocking and it worked wihin secondsmy sscreen was functioning. I never leave comments to most forums but I was totally amazed at how quick and easy it was. THE KNOCKING WORKS

  71. I have had my Huawei ascend y530 for a while I have dropped it quite a few times and cracked the screen not meaning to at all but anyways getting back to it I tried using my Huawei yesterday and the volume buttons work the up down buttons power button everything else works but the touch screen b ottom buttons on the screen I was wondering how do I fix it any suggestions ideas ?

  72. I have two Dell Venue 7’s and I need some help because their touch screens aren’t working. one of them got a crack and only one side of where the crack is works now. On the second there is a few cracks and none of the touch screen works I tried restarting it and the knocking method but it did not work.

  73. I tried each one yet I still cant use my tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab 3) I’m not sure what happened to my tablet I was just charging it when noticed I couldn’t swipe, press the buttons on the side of the home button. Nothing. I don’t have any cracks on my tablet so it cant be that. And i really don’t what to mess it up with the screw driver (recommend in another website) Please Help!!

  74. i have a prblm wid my sony xperia touchpad! the back and setting’s buttons at the bottom sometimes work and sometimes do not work! also, the typing becomes too slow! what should i do?

  75. my samsung s4 screen is not responding and i have tried all of these methods. i reset my phone and it said ‘downloading’ and has stayed on that. i have not dropped my phone and i don’t know what could of caused it.

  76. my moto g 2nd generation mobile touch not worked some days..after i followed this methods..this methods worked well to bring my touch back thnx for this knocking method.

  77. I am working with an android tablet. Yesterday, I turned it on and noticed it was running rather sluggish when I noticed it was updating major apps like Facebook, Chrome, Google, etc. Now my screen won’t respond to upper part of screen. People have told me to log out, change password, all the here mentioned remedies but with a tablet, it is always on. Can’t even remove screenlock . RCA, maker of the tablet, said I have to reset the whole thing, removing all photos, Facebook stuff, etc. I don’t have any other device to back things up! Help quickly please!!!

  78. @Debi,

    Try restarting your tablet.

    As for photos and other files, you can connect your Tablet to PC via micro-USB cable. That way you can download all files from tablet to your Computer.

  79. Sir, I have QMobile A600 with 5″ touch display.

    After replacing its touch It is working fine, but some times it start malfunctioning, especially on the lower buttons like menu button keep pressing and does not recognize right place of touch instead feels totally wrong.
    But when I press the power button and screen goes blank and again pressing power button brings the lock screen, now it start working normal just like it has no issue at all.

    I am totally confuse how to resolve this issue. Please advice how to cope with this.

  80. My micromax android phone fell down for about 2 meter high. Though there happened to be a crack on the screen, the screen display was still functioning but the “menu” button (located at the bottom of the display screen) was not working at all. I can’t figure out what to do. Is there no other remedy aside from buying a replacement for a glass broken? will I not reboot my phone and then it will work? Is the digitizer, lcd and glass need to be replaced

  81. The (not recommended) method worked for me lol…all I did was knock my knuckle a few times against every corner and turned my phone on and it worked! Haha thanks!

  82. My lenovo A6000 doesn’t work some time very slowly responds n middle screen doesn’t works back button not respond ing why. Plz help me n solvemy problems.

  83. I accidentally drop my phone and I did the “Hard Reset” and these are the result version-pass, RF CALI-pass, lcd test-pass, vibrator test-pass, Backlight test-pass, phone loopback test-pass, camera test-pass, Melody test-pass, SDcard,RTC,SIM, PHONECALL,CHARGER,HEADSET,FM,Gsensor,Blutooth,and, WIFI test all pass, but the Multi-TP test fail. Please help me with the possible solution. Am hot now

  84. i perform hard reset on my Huawei ascend G300. model U8815, in worked quite well but the touchscreen doesn’t function and i can’t access the phone menu, what appears is android logo and finger pointing from time to time on the android logo, below it’s writen in spanish Bienvenido a U8815,toca el androide para comenzar. at the left marcación de emergencia at the right cambiar idioma, please help me.

  85. Lovely!!! Thought I had to a 1000 bucks fr da new screen until I found dis site… tx bro!!!

  86. my phone is an innjoo i2s. i don’t know if it has a screen problem because my phone has fallen down so many times it has cracks and scratches. It fell down and all of a sudden started picking apps on its own and typing stuff just functioning on its own. I don’t have a memory card all my pictures are stored on my phone memory and i dont wanna lose them cuz most sites i’ve checked it says factory reset that’s basically everything that is going on with my phone. i’ve tried to restart it so many times it doesnt work

  87. It worked ! My samsung fell in the bucket of water. I patted it dry, even put it in a bowl of rice to make sure that it is totally dry (6 hours). When i switch it back on, everything was fine except touchscreen. I was devastated. Somehow, i stumbled upon your blog and started following your hard reset instructions and now, my phone responds smoothly to my touch. Thank you so much!!

  88. I am planning to qo the knock thing, but I’m afraid to damage my tablet way more. Is there extra precautions I must take besides the things specified here?


  90. Hi I’m Abbey. I dropped my phone in a sink full of water and being the dumbass that I am, didn’t take it to my parents when I dropped it. It still works, but my screen isn’t. My buttons work, my home buttons work, they all work except my screen. I feel bad because I got this for Christmas and my parents are very ashamed of me. Please if anyone has advice about this, please tell me, I’ve been crying for about 2 hours. Please if there are any tips or mechanisms please give them to me. Thank you.

  91. Hi.. I am Mayur. I dropped my phone one day and my touch screen have not working. so I am in tension about touch screen repairing charges above Rs. 5000.
    But next day read this article and other people review and apply the process of knocking (which I thick is very effective) and it works. I remove sim card from phone and knock harder on each corner of phone and then restart the phone and after then touch screen works properly. I am really thankful to “Techkhoji” and all who put their comments.

  92. Dear customer care of
    I got a problems with with my Lenovo Note A that the touchscreen doesn’t work anymore. As there is some leaked on the right side of the screen. Please tell me how to repair it this problem?
    And my other smartphone ASUS got the same problem again when my kids dropped it on the floor. ?

  93. 1, 2 and 5 did the magic. thank you so so much for this, you don’t know what you just did. well done man…arrrrgh!

  94. I have rebooted over and over. The screen is not working. What else can you do after resetting?

  95. My huawie y6 Mobile touch is not working in some parts. I tried to rest it. But still not working for some key. Should I replace the screen ?

  96. Hard reset already done on my phone. Problem remain the same. Lower left corner on my phone’s not working.

    The knocking method tried after that worked very well. ?

    Thanks a lot techkhoji. Very much appreciate it.

  97. I’m in desperate need of help! My RCA Android Tablet is like my right arm….. The touch screen has stopped working. I’ve read about doing the “KNOCK” method but I’m not sure about what “taking off the case” means . Are you talking about a protective case that you buy and put on yourself to protect the tablet or taking the tablet apart case? Any help is much appreciated…..

  98. i was watching a movie on my phone online while charging it. suddenly when i unplug it, the touchcreen is not reponding anymore. i tried all the steps there is, it still doesnt work, please help me

  99. My tablets screen is not cracked or anything but it won’t respond to my touch. I have no way to turn it on because the power switch and button are not there anymore. Please help me. The tablet was a present from my grandma.?.

  100. I dropped my TG-TEK tablet on the ground and the screen busted. Once I saw the crack, I said to myself, “No biggie.” Then, I went onto my tablet later that day and found that my screen was unresponsive to my touch. I’ve tried all of the tricks to getting the screen to work without having to reset my ENTIRE tablet. Is there another way?

  101. To help you understand why “knocking” works most of the time… The touchscreen (digitizer) is taped together with the LCD with double-sided tape.. This creates a capacitive sandwich to respond the touch of the user, as the contact to glass changes the signal at the point of contact. Dropping your device in any manner, water or hard surface, has an effect on the contact surface. So, “knocking” the screen helps reconnecting the two, thereby getting the screen to work again. Removing the battery resets the capacitive charge to the monitoring sensor within NORMAL operating range. Drying any moisture that the device incurred is very critical, as electronic charges depend on dry conditions. In addition to assisting to repairing the physical adhesive contact of the tape. One additional trick, that was mentioned, is pulling the battery & run an iron over the screen to dry & recondition the adhesive. I have used a hairdryer, curling iron and a few other uniformed hear sources. Start out slow & low, warm the surface as equally as possible. Lightly & carefully check the surface temperature or use a thermometer. Once you warm the surface to approximately 400 and on a flat surface, go ahead and place a dictionary or similar evenly distributed surface & good weight. Allow the device to return to room temperature. Hope this helps you understand why knocking the screen helps.


    Thomas Brown, Inc.

  102. It doesn’t work I tried everything rebooting restarting knocking reseting now the tablet is useless how do I do it it’s a TecnodroiPad7D
    Help me please

  103. Your techniques really great.My phone’s screen was not responding so l pressed the power button for 10 second and u know what it worked
    Thanks a lot.


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