Google Chrome ExtensionsIn an attempt to make internet browsing experience faster, Google Chrome team has announced the removal of extensions that are multi-purpose and hinder the functionality of Google Chrome. In simple words, Google has banned all the external toolbars and search externsions that take a portion of UI of the web browser. Also, there is an incoming update which will prevent the installation of  3rd party extensions, it has caused outrage in users who use privacy protection and script blocking addons.

This step is quiet absurd because on the other hand Google promotes their Toolbar for other web-browsers bundled with Adobe Flash player. It is kind of like Government censorship where they ban whole website because of a single URL. While, its true that not allowing 3rd party addons will speed up Chrome/browsing experience but Google should not dictate users what do they want with their web browser.

Mozilla Firefox, the 3rd most used web browser offers versatility and many options for customization. If things keep going like this, users may find Firefox a better alternative for  Chrome.



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