Every household nowadays has at least 3 to 4 devices that use WiFi (wireless networking) to communicate and transfer data. There is a misconception where many people equate WiFi same as Internet but let me clear this up. WiFi is Radio signal or a wireless connection that is made between 2 or more supported devices.Those signals can carry internet (data) packets and do various other tasks. WiFi hotspots (routers) need to be protected with passwords so unwanted people cannot access to your network. This protects you from bandwidth theft (slow internet), hacking attempts and data sharing via DLNA, Roku etc.

If you think your WiFi password is compromised or you don’t want your siblings or relatives to use or slow down your internet speed. You can simply change your WiFi (WPA2) password.


How to Change your WiFi (Internet) Password

The following steps are meant for TP-Link routers. Configurations portals might be a little different on other devices such as Netgear, Linksys, D-Link and Tenda but they very similar so don’t get confused.

1. Access the web portal of your WiFi Router/Device. The address is usually – Username is admin, password is admin, 99% of the time.

Back side of TP-Link Router

Tip: Check the back side of your internet router, all the login information is written there.

2. Open Wireless Settings, then go to Wireless Security

Wireless Security Settings TP-Link

3. From the WPA/WPA2 PSK encryption, you will see your current password

4. Change the password to something strong. Remember to use numbers and special characters so it does not become vulnerable to brute-force dictionary hacking attacks. Then click, Save.

5. Your router will probably restart and you will get disconnected from WiFi Network due to password change.

6. Open Wireless Networks from taskbar, right-click your Hotspot name and open properties.

Wireless Network Properties Windows

7. Open Security tab and change the security type to No Authentication (open) and change the Encryption to None. And click OK.

Enter Wireless Security Key Windows

8. Now connect to your WiFi network from the list, it will ask you for your password. Enter it and click OK.

Tips and Warnings

  • After changing the WiFi password, you need to forget and reconnect WiFi on all the mobile devices whether iPhone or Android.
  • If you have forgotten your WiFi password, you can retrieve it by connecting to your Router via RJ-45 Ethernet cable and then access the configuration settings (follow Step #1)
  • If you forgot your Router Password and connecting directly through Ethernet is not an option. Follow this guide on reset router password.


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