Techkhoji Ideas for Christmas

During Christmas season sales of different gadgets, electronics, winterwears, foods and many others products is easily available so that everyone can give away gifts to their loved one and share happiness. It also becomes easy for the people to do shopping in winter season(Christmas season) due to the vast variety of sales available.


Now the fashion has changed everyone wants to get their hands on the latest technology 

In the past times people use to give toys to their kids but now the trend has totally change kids now a days need cool gadgets like Tablet Pc, Mobile phones, Ipad, Iphone, Xbox, Computer and Laptops. Now a days shopping become bit easy but the choice is become limited that what to give to their family. A guide for the Christmas shopping is shared here which will make your choice easy that what to give to your loved ones.

Gift Ideas for Kids

Rechargeable 4-CH R/C Helicopter     

with Gyroscope – Green + Black (IR Remote/6 x AA)

This model is mini size and its light weight makes it incredibly portable so you can take it anywhere you go. It also offers a vast range of control and a design that is customized for indoor flying.

4 Rc Channel Helicopter

Razor E300 Electric Scooter – Grey

The E300 is an incredibly powerful electric scooter capable of speeds up to 15 mph! It has a high quality design and finish, and the scooter will run for up to 45 minutes! Impressive!


  • Speed – 15mph
  • Duty time – 12 hours
  • Excessive design
  • Curl grip throttle
  • High turning force with off line tensioner
  • Trip time – up to 45 minutes
  • Battery – 24v 4.5AH (12v x 2) – Included
  • Charger – Included
  • 6 month warranty

Scooters do not start from a stand-up position, push the scooter so the wheels are moving, the trigger can then be engaged


Candy Floss Maker

Everyone loves Candy Floss, just the odor takes you back to days of childhood and makes you remember yours childhood. Now you can recreate those days in the comfort of your own home with the Candy Floss maker. Simply pour a spoonful of sugar into the topmost of the machine, add a small colorings if you wish, turn it on and candy floss is read , yummy!

So delight your friends and family with unique flavors everybody will love it. This candy floss maker can make more candy floss per minute than those with older heating technology; which means you get even more fun for your money!

  • Simple and cool to use
  • Good for all families – Use to make cool treats for all occasions and events, from birthdays to BBQs.
  • Easy to clean and stock – Separable, dishwasher proof bowl and splash guard
  • Contains 6 x paper cones for your candy floss

Candy Floss Maker

Gifts Ideas for Male

 iPhone 5s

The 5s is without doubt the finest smartphone Apple has ever made. Game changers like the new ‘Touch ID’ fingerprint recognition ring and M7 motion co-processor sit alongside the nuts and bolts, which gives more than sufficient power to make this a seamless experience.

iPhone 5s

 Canon EOS 700D

It differs in the qualities of a true, professional-grade DSLR, but for anyone looking for their first digital SLR the 700D is a good choice. The 18MP APS-C measuring device delivers impressively good enactment that justifies the worth label, and the manufactured quality is exceptional, giving the camera a adequate immensity to it.

Cannon Eos 700D

 Apple Mac Book Air 2013

An additional upgrade really, but the latest MacBook Air remains a peak of laptop design. It’s not just a attractive look though – Intel’s Haswell processor comes as brand and you can have it runs a 1.7 Giga Hertz i7 processor along with 4GB RAM and a 256GB SSD.
 A13 7″ Capacitive Touch Screen Android 4.0 Tablet PC w/ TF / Camera / Wi-Fi / G-Sensor – Black
It is light weighed and can be used in one hand for many hours. Works fine with many applications and games from android market, rather durable (survived several drops)

Apple Mac Book Air

Gift Ideas for Female

 Aqua Phone Case

All the greatest gadgets still belong to the iPhone, thus if you are reading this and she has not got one then possibly you should start with that. Nevertheless, this is truly water-resistant to a depth of 1m. So, exactly, she could take it snorkeling and video the footage.

Aqua Phonecase

Christopher Ward Emily Watch

Can’t deny with the usefulness of a watch as a Christmas gift and the double fastening makes this one a little less useful than most and flat gives it the air of a cuff making it rather fashionable moreover.

Emily Watch Collection

Yogi Hair Wand and Straightener Kit

Now she can choose between sleek curls or straight and shiny hair with this kit that comes with a storage box and velvet sack carrier. There is a protecting glove for use with the wand.

Yogi Hair Straightner


 1.1″ OLED Screen SPO2 / Heart Rate Monitor Fingertip Pulse Oximeter – Blue + Black + White (2 x AAA)
Solid design, frothy for suitable to carry. Can be used in hospitals, house, public medicinal treatment, athletic healthcare , etc. Appropriate for the patient with bloodpressure, diabetes patients, especially the old man, expecting woman , skilled sportsperson etc.

Pulse Oximeter


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