Dark mode is good for the eyes, especially when you are using your devices at night time but at the same time it reduces visibility and makes navigating through the apps more difficult. Also, if you have a low quality LED screen, the dark mode is going to hurt your eyes more than the Light mode.

I had the same problem when I was using Dark Mode on Windows 10 on my Asus LED monitor which has really poor color output and white balance despite being a 144 Hz panel. I couldn’t see the text on tabs, switching between the tabs was causing eye strain on certain angles. Anyways, here’s how you can turn off the Dark mode


How to Turn Off / Disable Dark Mode in Google Chrome, Windows 10

Note: Previously, there was a shortcut command line switch to Force Disable Dark mode  [–disable-features=DarkMode], but as of Chrome 76.0.3809.87 onwards, unfortunately, it is no longer working.  You don’t need to tinker the the chrome://flags configuration for this tutorial.

• Open Start Menu > Type “Color Settings” and open it.

Color Settings Start Menu in Windows 10

• From Choose Your Color dropdown box, select “Custom

Dark and Light App Mode in Windows 10

• Then from the Choose Your Default App Mode, select “Light” radio button.

Google Chrome Light Mode

As soon you click it, Google Chrome will revert to Light Mode, including all other applications.

There is currently no method to use only Light Mode on Google Chrome while using Windows 10 Dark mode. Now Chrome only follows the OS theme settings.


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