How to overclock you pc

What is overclocking processor?

It is the procedure that makes your computer more faster than its actual configuration performance, but it applies on some fundamental tasks such as multiplication addition between two numbers or values or during registration of any form in short it applies on all your basic daily tasks especially if it is related to business calculations.


Basically the Overclocking refers to enhancing the processor speed

Computers, which can be Overclocked

Every computer cannot be overclocked like HP, Dell or Emachine these computers are more difficult to overclock, so you must a customize computer system but keep this remember that not every mother board cannot be overclock so now let’s start the process or overclocking.

Requirements for Overclocking:

  • PC/Pentium 4 processors
  • Compound Heat sink
  • Needle nose pliers
  • CPU fans
  • Motherboard manual

Step 1

First of all you should create a backup of your important data such as your word files and photos and email in separate drive because that may remove or corrupt your data.

Step 2

Now you will flash your computer with the help of current BIOS and updates it which can be easily located on computer manufacturer websites. Another thing that must update is every computer software, drivers and also operating system updates. User should have updated manual or user guide for computer or that can be download from any manufacturer website.

Step 3

Now you have to download a software to monitor your computer. You can download a free of cost software that is Fresh Diagnose or you can download diagnose software from PCPitstop website. The first one that is Fresh Diagnose is use for checking heat from its heat sensors. Another software by the name of Shutdown Now should also download to automatic shutdown your computer when your computer gets overheated.

Step 4

You processor fan should be able to control heat of your computer that may produce by overclocking. You may also upgrade additional voltage that is necessary for overclocking.

Step 5

Then after shutting down when your computer turned on just go to the setup. And find out the advance chipset functions on BIOS screen and then find out the option “Voltage” “Frequency” or “clock”, You processor will be overlocloked by increasing system BUS frequency or FSB frequency.

Step 6

Then you will watch out the BIOS memory option before overclocking process along it you can check overclocking result of graphic card as well as memory.

Step 7

Now in the final step you have to locate the approx voltage of the newest processor speed that you can select from the menu of system voltage. So with the help of computer manual check that is your processor is overclocked by BIOS. For that you can download the Belarc Advisor that is the free software program that tells you the configuration of your processor as well as motherboard.

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