Super Fast InternetWe knows about highs speed internet connection and why we need it, Sometimes people use to say we have DSL the fastest internet connection then why should we spend hundreds of dollars for just to browsing website watching videos etc that what a common thought among people, Well a basic internet connection gives 1Mbit downloading speed and or 0.75Mbit speed for uploading, While when we talk about fiber or cable internet connection then it gives much more that could be 30Mbit of downloading and 5Mbit for uploading, No matter what your connection speed is but the difference can have a massive impact on how much time it takes to perform any online task.

Main argument from the Consumers:

Many people thought that internet has just two purposes the one is browsing websites and the other one is email or messaging but its actual use is for business operation purpose and many others things performing on the background just like software updates, email receiving, antivirus updates or windows updates that may brings you in trouble if your internet connection is bit slower than it should be.


Common situations that you face:

If you are not spending your money on internet cable connection, and you are sitting with your family and friends to watch a movie on streaming or even you are downloading that movie then the laziness of your internet speed could leave you frustrated, or lets think that you are going to talk with your old friend living very far from you and your video conferencing gets slower then what will you do?

Sufficient internet speed:

A single person is using a device to stream any HD quality video that gives you 1 or 2 Megabit speed/sec then its satisfactory, but if you do not have cable and you and your other half both are streaming HD quality video then you must need at least 15Mbps or more.

Why Gigabit Internet connection?

Speed Limit

  1.  Now feel good and think that what would you feel when you had an internet connection and that is able to download two hours video in just only five “5” seconds?
  2. Obviously you want that connection to watch a collection of movies.
  3. So, the Gigabit connection is the next generation step in advanced and faster internet technology.

In previous decade the development in internet connection speed from Kbps to Mbps that creates a new though in technology like different kind of video streaming websites call conferencing huge size movies downloading  high quality gaming, we can say it’s the new way of life that how the world communicates.


Benefits of Gigabit Internet:

•  Reduced costs from how much it gives you benefits up to 50% less than other connections.

•  Get speed more than 1Gbps.

•  You can connect this connection with the equipment that you already have.

•  Purchase the bandwidth that you need easily and scalable 1Mbps increased .

•  Upgrade in just a single business day.

•  Reliable and smooth connection.

•  The best part after using it for few days you will forget the concept of internet hanging or video streaming indication.


The main benefit of gigabit internet connection is it is approximately hundred times faster than a normal Mbps connection and obviously the fastest speed of internet make it sure that you can browse or download much quicker then a slow speed connection. Might be it seems you bit expensive but if you are observing it as a business point of you then it will gives you a bundle of benefits beyond your thought.


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